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BRIA Headquarters

Director of Consumer Information CRE

Position Purpose:
Reporting to the Director for Consumer Information, the Editorial Assistant will assist in executing the launch of the "Consumer Information Initiative." This Initiative provides all types of information resources to empower older adults and families to:

Maintain health, wellness, social engagement, and active aging.
Effectively managing chronic health conditions, and/or the demands of caregiving.
Live as independently as possible in all types of housing or residential settings.
Make informed decisions related to age-related life-changes, events, challenges, and opportunities.
In this role, the Editorial Assistant will utilize a full range of current and emerging technologies to create and disseminate information, with the BRIA website as the central repository and distribution hub for quality print and recorded materials. The Initiative will reach diverse populations, including those with limited experience and/or access to electronic resources.

Support Director for Consumer Information and BRIA Senior Management in the execution of an initial strategy for the Consumer Information Initiative.
Collaborate with the Director for Consumer Information, other BRIA staff, and staff from partnering organizations to develop high-quality informational programs and resources for older adults, family/friend caregivers, and professionals.
Serve as a lead content creator, and editor of, written informational materials, produced for older adults and family caregivers to be disseminated on the new BRIA website.
Translate research findings and lessons from practice into helpful informational materials for consumers.
Manage the placement of new informational content to the new BRIA website.
Record and track the training and dissemination of evidence-based programs and related materials developed or being tested by the Center for Research and Education.
Document key Consumer Information Initiative activities occurring across the organization.
Participate in the planning and evaluation of in-person and online informational programming for older adults, family/friend caregivers, and professionals in the field of aging.
Serve as the key contact for external partners, and identified speakers.
Manage logistical arrangements including, but not limited to: speaker arrangements, catering, event space, and registration.
For the limited number of BRIA sponsored events for professionals, obtain approvals for Continuing Education credits either directly or in collaboration with other organizations.
Assist in soliciting funding to support the development of quality virtual, print, and live information for older adults, family/friend caregivers, and professionals, central to the Initiative.

Bachelor's degree in communication, education, journalism, or related field.
1 to 3 years' experience writing and editing required. Ability to create high quality content for a variety of target audiences.
Experience with website maintenance and content management required; Liferay website content management preferred.
Creative skills in presenting information across communication platforms.
Experience with in-person and webinar event planning and coordination.
Excellent computer and database management skills, inclusive of Microsoft Office, webinar platforms, and Adobe Creative Suite preferred.
Video production and editing skills preferred.
Background and Drug Tests conducted.