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Reports to: Headmaster

Job Description: Library Media Specialist

The Boston Arts Academy is looking for a high school Librarian. The Boston Arts Academy, a public high school for the visual and performing arts, is starting its 20th year in September 2017 with 465 students in Grades 9-12. It is a joint project of the Professional Arts Consortium, Inc., (comprised of the Berklee College of Music, Boston Architectural Center, the Boston Conservatory, Emerson College Massachusetts College of Arts, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts) and the Boston Public Schools. The Boston Arts Academy is charged with being a laboratory and a beacon for artistic and academic innovation. The Boston Arts Academy prepares a diverse community of aspiring artist-scholars to be successful in their college or professional careers and to be engaged members of a democratic society.

This innovative school features a college preparatory curriculum supporting integrated and interdisciplinary teaching and learning among arts and academic disciplines. Students explore the arts in both traditional and new media forms. The Academy’s program is enriched by the involvement of the six members of the Professional Arts Consortium. Both the program and the student body at the Academy reflect the culture, ethnic and linguistic diversity of Boston.

The Academy is home to an innovative STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) lab space and a joint Science and Math department STEAM team that explores curriculum that merges these disciplines and types of thinking in order to be successful in the 21st century creative economy.

The Academy is a Pilot School and a member of the Boston Pilot Schools Network, a group of Boston Public Schools that, by union contract, have been granted increased autonomy and flexibility to be laboratories of educational innovation. This includes the right to extend the school day and year for both faculty and students.

Teachers at the Academy undertake a number of special responsibilities. The Academy offers academic classes as well as classes in the visual and performing arts. Often classes integrate artistic and academic subjects. Faculty members work together to develop curriculum in all areas. The regular work schedule is approximately 35 hours per week with an additional 145 hours per year required for duties noted below. All academic classes begin at 8:00am.

The school year for students will be similar to the Boston Public Schools, but the actual school calendar may differ in terms of professional days for teachers and other aspects. All students will be members of an Advisory Group and all full-time teachers will serve as Advisors. (Advisory is a small group of students who come together periodically to provide academic, social and emotional support to all students.) All full-time teaching staff also teach or co-teach a grade-level reading writing course to students.

Students are assessed through a variety of measures: Traditional tests, performances, exhibitions, and portfolios. More comprehensive material about the approach to teaching and learning is available upon request, as well as on the website, and in the handbook found on the BAA website (

Boston Public Schools seeks a SCHOOL LIBRARIAN who is experienced, highly qualified and knowledgeable to join our community of learners and leaders. This is an exciting opportunity for Librarians who seek an environment that supports their creativity, and innovation and respects their skills and abilities as a librarian. Successful candidates must demonstrate a commitment to the vision of Focus on Children. S/he must possess an educational philosophy that embraces the community vision for a rigorous academic program and champions the belief that all children can learn at high levels.

Reports to: Principal/Headmaster

Assist the Principal/Headmaster in building and maintaining an updated school library collection that meets the goals of the school program.
Assist the Principal/Headmaster in involving key staff i.e. teachers, department heads, specialists and/or others where appropriate in decisions related to library services.
Utilize school system and community resources in improving the quality and scope of library service.
Evaluate and maintain a comprehensive, challenging, and multicultural library/media collection.
Evaluate, select, and order, on an ongoing basis, all library/media materials to coordinate with school and system-wide goals.
Select materials which reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of Boston students.
Provide conditions that foster appreciation and respect for books and other resources in the library.
Make the library/media center accessible to all students and faculty of the school.
Establish and maintain an appropriate shelf list (inventory), card catalog, and other appropriate records
Provide the proper processing, care and maintenance of the collection both print and non-print
Maintain records of library use, including daily circulation records.
Employs library procedures that contribute to an effective learning environment.
Schedule class, teacher, and student use of the library media center
Plan and implement programs and activities to support instructional goals and encourage full use of library media materials
Provide all students individual and group instruction in the effective use of library media resources
Provide students and teachers with materials and resources to meet individual and curricular needs
Supervise, train, and make effective use of paraprofessionals and volunteers working in the library
Communicate technical issues to appropriate vendors and OIIT when necessary
Troubleshoot hardware and software conflicts and document resolutions after communicating with affected staff or students
Administer Google Apps users and groups, monitor usage, and keep updated on new features, service issues, and security best practices
Update web hosting configuration as necessary (DNS, MX, FTP, .htaccess), implement any needed web tools or platforms, and train staff in updating and building out BAA’s web presence
Assist teachers and students in using video and audio devices including recording, downloading, converting, and exporting.
Provide technical support to select departments in the choice, set-up, and maintenance of databases essential to their work
Assist the Learning Center in the set-up, and maintenance of assistive technology utilized in the education of special needs students
Possess the ability to implement new technologies
Responsible for the ordering, acquisition, inventorying, and disposition of hardware and software
Support student learning and enrichment of technology related knowledge and skills
Other duties as assigned

Additional BAA responsibilities:
Coordinate our Summer Reading (Literature Circles) Initiative: identify and support student leaders, lead the process of choosing books, order and distribute books, assist administration in organizing literature circles.
Coordinate the storage and distribution of all classroom texts: catalog, store, check out to students, check back in from students, keep track of inventory, and manage ordering of replacement texts
Provide space in the library for students doing independent studies, on-line courses, Open Honors work, and receiving tutoring support
Coordinate with the Artistic Dean and the Academic Dean the administration and supervision of students doing Independent Studies
Coordinate with the Academic Dean the administration and supervision of students taking on-line courses
Coordinate with the Academic Dean, academic teachers, and seminar teachers the development administration and supervision of students doing open honors courses
Coordinate with the Academic Dean the administration and supervision of students receiving tutoring support.
Attend BAA staff meetings and team meetings, where appropriate

CORE COMPETENCIES: Using the Rubric of Effective Teaching, the Office of Human Capital has identified priority skills and abilities that all BPS teachers should possess:

Accountability for Student Achievement
(II-A-1. Quality of Effort and Work, II-D-2. High Expectations, I-B-2. Adjustments to Practice)

Sets ambitious learning goals for all students, creates cognitively demanding tasks, and models the belief that that all students can master challenging material through effective effort
Assesses students’ understanding regularly with ambitious learning goals in mind and takes ownership of making necessary adjustments to instruction to reach goals despite setbacks
Passionate and optimistic about their students, their content, and the teaching profession

Communicating Content Knowledge
(I-A-1. Subject Matter Knowledge, I-A-4. Well-Structured Lessons)

Demonstrates mastery of and enthusiasm for content area and the pedagogy it requires
Demonstrates understanding for how the subject matter applies in real-world settings and connects to other content areas and relevant standards
Can convey content in creative and engaging ways that align to standards

Equitable & Effective Instruction
(II-A-3. Meeting Diverse Needs, II-A-2. Student Engagement, II-B-1. Safe Learning Environment)

Scaffolds and differentiates instruction in order for all students to do complex thinking and rigorous academic work
Uses instructional practices that are likely to challenge, motivate, and engage all students and facilitate equitable, active student participation
Builds a productive learning environment where every student participates and is valued as part of the class community

Cultural Proficiency
(II-C-1. Respects Differences, II-C-2. Maintains Respectful Environment)

Actively creates and maintains an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected

Parent/Family Engagement
(III-A-1. Parent/Family Engagement)

Engages with families and builds collaborative, respectful relationships with them in service of student learning

Professional Reflection & Collaboration
(IV-A-1. Reflective Practice, IV-C-1. Professional Collaboration)

Regularly reflects on practice, seeks and responds to feedback, and demonstrates self-awareness and commitment to continuous learning and development
Seeks to participate in and contribute to a collaborative adult learning community.

Experience teaching high school Librarian
Experience in media/technology teaching and management
Commitment to the arts as an important element in a complete education.
Commitment to cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity
Ability to take on responsibilities and prioritize quickly.
Excellent communication skills.
Education: Hold a Bachelors degree.
Hold a valid Massachusetts School Librarian/Library License (All Levels).
Meet all state and federal guidelines in order to be fully licensed and Highly Qualified according to NCLB.
Ability to meet the Standards of Effective Teaching established by the Boston Public Schools as outlined above.
Current authorization to work in the United States - Candidates must have such authorization by their first day of employment.

Three years librarian experience, preferably in an urban high school setting.
Master´s Degree or equivalent thereof.
Fluency in languages in addition to English.
Experience as an artist.
Interest or experience in more than one discipline.
Experience working with local cultural institutions.
Experience working in a heterogeneous classroom.
Experience with portfolio assessment.
Flexible working hours.
Advanced knowledge of Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
Strong knowledge of networking and data management.
Demonstrated skills in data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Terms: BTU, Group I

Please refer to (under "Employee Benefits and Policies") for more information on salary and compensation. Salaries are listed by Unions and Grade/Step.

Next year, many BPS schools will have a longer school day through the "Schedule A" Extended Learning Time (ELT) agreement. To learn more about ELT at BPS and whether or not this school is a "Schedule A" ELT school, check here:

The Boston Public Schools, in accordance with its nondiscrimination policies, does not discriminate in its programs, facilities, or employment or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, criminal record (inquiries only), disability, homelessness, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetics or military status, and does not tolerate any form of retaliation, or bias-based intimidation, threat or harassment that demeans individuals’ dignity or interferes with their ability to learn or work.