Hucks 2nd Assistant Manager

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2nd Assistant Manager

1. Statement of the Job

Every 2nd assistant manager is responsible for the proper and efficient operation of his or her shift, within company policy, in such a manner as to ensure that the shift contributes to the increased profitability of the store and to assist the manager in management functions.
Once qualifications are met, a promotion may be given to 1st assistant manager; then consideration will be given for the Store Manager position.

2. The Duties and Responsibilities Are:
A. General Management
Gives all customers prompt and courteous service, which includes using the gasoline intercom to greet customers and adhering to Best In Class standards
Observes shift operating hours at all times as assigned by the Store Manager including helping to fill shifts
Work the store manager's days off as well as at least two (2) evening shifts per week. We want to have our strongest associates in the store during peak hours.
Performs specific tasks as assigned by the Store Manager
Effectively communicates with store associates and management
Follows all federal, state and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the operation of the store
Provides a role model of conduct for other associates in the store
Ensures Store Manager is made aware of all sales, cash, or operating discrepancies
Ensure all associates are in proper uniform and providing prompt, courteous customer service

B. Bookkeeping
Completes a shift change report at the beginning and ending of the shift according to company policy
Properly records all hours worked by clocking in/out on the computer at the store.
Rings all sales as discussed in the Policy Manual and Basic Training Manual
Accurately records all over rings and refunds
Completes daily paperwork and makes store deposits as directed by the Store Manager

C. Human Resources
Treats all associates with dignity and respect and uses the proper personnel management techniques
Advises Store Manager of any personnel situations or policy violations having an adverse effect on store operating performance

D. Security
Ensures all associate shift procedures are followed
Ensures a safe shopping and working environment
Ensures cash and merchandise in the store are handled in a secure manner according to company policy
Ensures vendor check- in procedures are followed per company policy

E. Merchandising
Keeps coolers, drink boxes, store shelves, and displays fully stocked and fronted at all times
Properly cleans and maintains equipment and readies high margin products such as coffee, fountain drinks, etc. as directed by Store Manager
Uses correct pricing as listed on the DSD or grocery book for all merchandise

F. Maintenance
Ensures store appearance reflects company expectations and standards
Floors are kept clean, waxed and buffed to a high gloss shine
Store windows and all glass are clean
Parking lot is swept daily, kept clean and in good repair
Ensures rest rooms are clean and in good working order
Reports any maintenance problems that cannot be corrected immediately without assistance to the Store Manager
Ensures all food service areas are kept clean and follows all sanitation procedures

G. Safety
Ensures that lifting procedures are followed, per company policy.
Ensures that ladders are properly used
Ensures that lifting procedures are followed per company policy
Ensures that wet floor signs are used, per company policy
Reports accidents promptly to store manager and corporate office 3. The Requirements For The Job Are:

Education – must have a high school diploma or GED
Miscellaneous Criteria – must have an approved credit rating, criminal background check, pass the Management Readiness Profile and Management Math Test
Be able to read, understand, and write the English language at the high school graduate level
Be able to perform arithmetical calculations at the high school graduate level in order to be able to make change, complete shift reports and management reports
Have sufficient visual acuity to check identification and process transactions
Be able to read and understand instructions for operating electronic cash registers and other equipment
Be able to lift up to 60 pounds, carrying cases of soft drinks, beer and juice containers, etc. or change a bag in the box for fountain soda syrup at least once per shift
Be able to stock shelves and coolers
Be able to react to a fire by lifting a fire extinguisher weighing 10 pounds and moving it to the fire area
Be able to bend in order to pull up a metal plate weighing 20 pounds and to put a tanker truck nozzle in the underground storage tank
Be able to tolerate exposure to gasoline fumes and cleaning products
Be able to climb a ladder to clean windows or change gasoline price signs
Be able to speak and understand English, including the ability to hear the spoken work
Be able to sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, and lift and carry out trash containers and place in an outside bin
Be able to clean the parking lot and grounds surrounding the convenience store
Be able to enter and work in a cooler at a temperature of 33 degrees up to 20 minutes at time
Possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive to the bank to make daily deposits