Paramedic - 100327

Camden Clark Medical Center - Parkersburg, WV3.6

Part-timeEstimated: $42,000 - $59,000 a year
Performance Standards POSITION: Ambulance Service Paramedic EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/14/93 DEPARTMENT: Ambulance Service REVIEWED: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 JOB CODE: 7-008 1999, 2000; 7/2013 REVISED: 2/16/00; 1/2/01; 4/25/01; 6/9/03; 6/4/04; 5/9/06; 12/12/08; 4/27/12 VP Operations/Professional Services VP Human Resources I. Reports To: 1. Reports directly to the Shift Supervisor. 2.

Reports indirectly to the Ambulance Service Manager. 2. Works in collaboration with the other members of the healthcare team. II.

FUNCTION: The Paramedic is a member of the medical care team trained and certified to render supportive care to the patient, sustain life at the scene of accidental injury or sudden illness during transport to a hospital, and is qualified to begin corrective treatment as instructed by the emergency physician. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Paramedic Certification as required by WV Department Of Health, Card required or eligible for WV Legal Recognition. 2.

ACLS Certification required and Instructor preferred, and CPR Instructor preferred (ACLS and CPR card required) 3. BTLS Certification and Instructor preferred. 4. One year college with emphasis on health care required, Associates Degree preferred.

5. Must have a working knowledge of ropes and rescue knots, vehicular extraction, high angle rescue and hazardous materials control required. 6. National Registry as EMT-Paramedic preferred.

7. Six (6) months to one (1) year patient care 8. Ability to be scheduled for work based on the operational needs of the hospital. 9.

Possess the ability to deal tactfully and harmoniously with guests. IV. Age of Patients Population Served – __X__ Infant: Birth – 1 Years __X__ Pediatric: 1 + 12 years _ X___Adult: 13 - 65 years _ X_ Geriatric: 65 + ____ No daily direct patient care contact V. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES A.

ORGANIZATIONAL TEAMWORK COMPETENCIES 1. To support the mission of CCMC as follows: To meet the healthcare needs of our community for a lifetime. 2. The core values of CCMC represents the beliefs of our organization, guiding our processes and decision making at all levels.

The mission is accomplished through a commitment to our core values. 3. Values based care recognizes the importance of quality customer services (Service Excellence Standards) to patients and employees. 4.

In the context of customer service, each employee has the following expectations (dimensions of performance) as an individual and health care team member. B. ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT COMPETENCIES 1. Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to follow / attendance / punctuality / time card system / scheduling policies.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of parking / hospital department locations. 3. Demonstrate knowledge and adheres to dress code.

4. Demonstrates knowledge of CCMC Compliance Program / Code of Conduct / Confidentiality. 5. Demonstrates knowledge of CCMC Emergency Management Plan including the following codes: a.

Code Blue (Cardiac Arrest) b. Code 1 (Assault) c. Code Utility (Utility failure) d. Code Red (Fire) e.

Code Weather (inclement weather) f. Code Gray (Hostage Situation) g. Code Amber & Code Walker h. Code Orange (Hazmat) i.

Code Black (Bomb Threat) 6. Demonstrates knowledge of physical health / wellness information and Exposure Control Plan. 7. Demonstrates knowledge of Office/workplace safety.

8. Demonstrates knowledge of Risk Management / Occurrence Report Practices / Non-punitive Work Environment. C. WORK ROLE COMPETENCIES Clinical (or Work) Practice 1.

Responsible for responding promptly and efficiently to calls. 2. Responsible for care of patient prior to and during transport. 3.

Responsible for organized transfer of information to the hospital and accurate, complete and legible report and record keeping. 4. Performs duties of triage area and establishes appropriate priority of care as requested. 5.

Responsible for assisting in fire control at sites when other supportive agencies are not available and a patient's life if endangered. 6. Responsible for working with deceased persons in all forms such as drowning victims, burned victims, decomposed victims, etc., as well as render medical care to bereaved families. 7.

Responsible for cooperating with police agencies in various situations where a paramedic's life may be in danger and be aware of legal responsibilities at scene of the crime such as rape, child abuse, drug and alcohol related cases, etc. 8. Responsible for performing in inclement weather, providing minor vehicle maintenance and driving an emergency vehicle under extreme conditions such as heavy traffic, inclement weather and fog. 9.

Responsible for attending court appearances when called by the State of West Virginia. Administrative Practice 1. Delegates and evaluates the delivery of care given by peers, other members of the health care team and ancillary staff. 2.

Participates in self-evaluation and develops a plan for professional development based on personal / unit goals / strategic plans. 3. Cognizant of environmental factors, infection control issues and maintains a safe environment for patient care. 1.

Upon completion of exam, all paperwork is finished that deals with patient. Professional Accountability / Leadership 1. Participates in the education / oversight of orientees, ancillary staff, and students in collaboration with the preceptor, manager, and/or designated education coordinator. 2.

Active on selected committees for the purpose of exchanging information and participating in problem solving methods. 3. Arranges own knowledge base and development by attending formal and/or informal educational activities. 4.

Assists in identifying problems for investigation, collecting data for research projects and applying current concepts to patient care. VI. DESCRIPTION OF PHYSICAL DEMANDS 1. The following items under physical demands, psychological demands, work demands and exposure category describe the basic extent of physical demands performed by staff in this position.

a. See attached Physical Demands NOTE: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position. The above job description is intended to describe the general content of and broad competencies for the performance of this job and the performance standard on how to meet the broad compliance. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.

Employee Number / Employee Name (PRINT) Employee Signature / Date Ambulance Service Paramedic Description of Physical Demands On the job time is spent in the following physical activities and psychosocial interactions: CATEGORY AMOUNT OF TIME CATEGORY DESCRIPTION PHYSICAL DEMANDS Never Seldom Often Always Physiological High Medium Low Standing: X Mental Stress X Walking: X Work with others X Sitting X AUDIO VISUAL GOOD FAIR N/A Stoops, Kneel, Crouch, Crawl X Hearing* X Use hands to finger handle or feel X Near Vision X Pushing / Pulling X Far Vision X Reaching with hands and arms above / below: X Peripheral Vision X Talk or hear: X Color Discrimination X Taste or smell: X Depth Perception X Lift / Force Never Seldom Often Always EXPOSURES** Frequent Occasional Rare Up to 10 pounds X Cold X Up to 25 pounds X Heat X Up to 50 pounds X Dampness X Up to 100 pounds X Heights X More than 100 pounds X Vibration X Job Lifting Heavy Lifting Regular Basis Heavy Lifting Occasional / Moderate Lifting Regular Basis Moderate Lifting Occasional/Light Lifting Regular Basis Light Lifting Occasional / No Lifting Regular Basis Skin Irritation X Category X Lung Irritation X Risk Radiation X Risk of Electrical Shock X * Hearing X Ability to hear alarms on equipment / pages X Ability to hear Client Call X Ability to hear instructions from physician/department staff * Exposures Category X 1 = Tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues  2 = Tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues but employment may require unplanned category 1 tasks  3 = Tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues, and category 1 are not a condition of employment. A list of Hazardous Products or Substances that this position is required to work with are referenced for staff review. MSDS information is available.