Child/Youth Advocate

Women's Center, INC. - Marquette, MI


Direct Service/Advocacy:
1. Provide Case Management Services to Children 0-18 residing at the Shelter who Have Been Impacted By Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault
2. Provide advocacy, emotional support, and crisis intervention to children/youth in the shelter, including assessment and development of a safety/action plan
3. Make referrals and advocate for connections to community resources such as school and after-school program placement, counseling, medical care, childcare, etc.
4. Coordinate and facilitate weekly Children’s Support Group/Youth Group
5. Maintain up-to-date files on individual children, activities, intakes, and exits
6. Coordinate and provide childcare to children as needed
7. Assess all children for physical/sexual abuse, and neglect in accordance with the law, and work alongside appropriate agencies to support the child/youth
8. Develop and facilitate children’s/youth group activities/outings (i.e. summer camp, holiday activities, weekend activities, etc.)
9. Provide Support to Parents and Other Adult Residents at the Shelter
10. Have weekly meetings with parents to focus on children’s/youth’s needs and link families to appropriate resources
11. Promote parent-child relationship building and provide parenting education and emotional support to parents including creative, non-violent approaches to discipline, child development, children’s behavioral and mental health, transitions into and out of shelter, impact of violence on children, etc.
12. Work closely with other Women’s Center staff to provide coordinated family supportive services 13. Provide crisis intervention via phone or face to face contact including identifying and addressing barriers to safety, providing emotional and other supports as requested.
14. Provide case management for survivors/victims to assist them in attaining their goals. 15. Work collaboratively with other staff in order to best meet the needs of clients and provide appropriate referral and follow-up services.
16. Maintain professional boundaries with organization clients.
17. Staff the 24 hour crisis line as assigned.
18. Rotate as on-call, respond to crisis calls and/or provide shelter coverage as needs arise.
Outreach and Organization Representation
1. Provide community education as assigned.
2. Provide or assist with professional training and other partner agencies as assigned.
3. Participate at community meetings for collaboration of resources for clients.
4. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with community partners.

1. Responsible for data entry and maintenance of monthly, quarterly and annual reports related to client services, statistics, volunteer hours, case disposition, and other services provided.
2. Participates in the development of programmatic goals, objectives, and procedures.
3. Maintain a professional, confidential, non-judgmental relationship with all clients.
4. Maintain and document client files that ensure confidentiality.
5. Interact in a professional, cooperative manner with other staff and volunteers.
6. Complete tasks as assigned by the Domestic Violence Program Coordinator within the time frame established
7. Submit any proposed change in your work description or conditions to the Program Director.
8. Submit a monthly report to the Office Coordinator by designated date to include service statistics, work activities, and discussion of any emerging needs.
9. Participate in promoting the Women’s Center through community education and public relation efforts.
10. Attend organization staff meetings as required
11. Attend trainings and continuing education activities as assigned.
12. Work in a safe manner being aware of personal safety and the safety of others.
13. Responsible for observing safety, health and sanitation code.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $28,000.00 /year


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Marquette, MI (Preferred)

Work Location:

  • One location

Benefits offered:

  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Other types of insurance
  • Retirement benefits or accounts