Health Office Clerk (Clerical)-10/18

Los Angeles Unified School District - Los Angeles, CA4.1

A Health Office Clerk assists in the daily operation of a school health

office, administers minor first aid, assists students in

taking prescribed medications and performs a variety of clerical duties

related to the school health programs. Current vacancies are located at

the Local District South.

Benefits Insurance: Paid premiums for your choice of several medical, dental,

vision, and life insurance plans. Retirement: Membership in the California

Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS).

Vacation: Two weeks of paid vacation to start. Three weeks after five

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years of year-round paid service. Paid Holidays: 12 days.

NOTE: Positions in this job classification may be offered on a 10 or 11

month basis - salary and paid time off for 10 or 11 month positions will be

adjusted accordingly. Positions in this job classification may be subject to

additional furlough days.

Job Duties/Responsibilities A Health Office Clerk:
  • Assists students in taking prescribed medications.
  • Assists the School Nurse in maintaining health records and preparing

  • Files student health records.
  • Communicates orally or in writing with parents and school personnel.
  • Prepares documents and reports for the School Nurse related to the
health program.

  • Reviews student immunization records and alerts the School Nurse or
the school administrator when immunizations are not in compliance with

current state law.

  • Assists students with toileting and activities of daily living.
  • Maintains supplies in the health office and prepares requisitions for
needed replacements.

Please Note: The duty statements listed above do not constitute the

exhaustive list of duties for this position. for a comprehensive list, please

visit our website (Please copy the

link and paste it to a new internet window to visit this page).

Minimum Requirements Education:
  • Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational
proficiency, preferably supplemented by courses in office practices and

procedures, and business English.

  • Six months of clerical experience.
  • A first-aid certificate issued by the American Heart Association or
American Red Cross must be kept valid during the term of employment.

  • A CPR certificate issued by the American Heart Association or
American Red Cross must be kept valid during the term of employment.

Employment Selection Process The employment selection process for Health Office Clerk consists of a

computerized performance assessment, computerized data entry test,

computerized multiple choice assessment, and a scored questionnaire.

NOTE: This classification belongs to a clerical "Support Our Schools"

(SOS) clerical series. The following classifications are open for this

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  • Health Office Clerk
  • Office Technician
  • Secretary
  • Assignment Technician
  • Pupil Services and Attendance Aide
  • Pupil Services and Attendance Aide (Spanish Language)
You MUST apply for each classification (job) separately.

These classifications use the same assessment. The first and second

assessment is a common assessment for the SOS clerical series.

Therefore, if you apply for multiple classifications mentioned above, you

will be invited to participate for testing only one time, but your scores will

be certified and applied to other classifications that you applied for as

well. Also, if you applied and tested for Office Technician and/or other

clerical positions earlier this year, and have not met the 4 months re-take

policy, you may not be able to re-test and have to certify your prior


The first assessment is a computerized performance assessment

(SkillCheck) which will assess your proficiency in Microsoft Word,

Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and computerized data entry skills.

The second assessment is a computerized multiple choice assessment

includes the following areas: Attention to Detail, English, Mathematics,

and Reading Comprehension.

You will be invited to take both assessments on the same day. Your test

scores from both assessments will be banked and used for final

calculation. You must receive PASSING SCORES on all TEST

MODULES for both assessments to remain in the selection process.

Candidates who receive a failing score on any test module will NOT be

eligible to move forward in the selection process. Also, depending on

jobs you applied for, scores for some modules may not be applied

towards your final calculation.

Note: If you have existing scores for this assessment that are less than a

year old, those scores are valid as well and could be applied as your final

score if they are higher.

The scored questionnaire which you will be completing as part of the

application process will be worth 100% of a candidate's overall score and

will be used to rank order candidates on the resulting eligibility list.

Therefore, when completing the questionnaire, please make sure you

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provide detailed responses to all the questions/statements.

If you are successful on the first and second assessment and meet the

minimum education and experience requirements, you will be added to

the eligibility list.

The hiring departments have requested that we proceed with the

selection process in an expeditious and timely manner. To honor this

request we will be adhering to a pre-planned employment assessment


Please be sure to include correspondence from as an

approved sender so that messages aren't accidentally placed into your

spam/junk e-mail folder.

Application Process To apply, click the Apply button at the bottom left corner of this page and

log into the application management system; then, (1) click on the

education and experience tabs and complete the requested information;

(2) click on the Questionnaires tab and complete the questionnaires; and

(3) submit your application by clicking on the Submit Application button in

the last tab of the application wizard to complete the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you submit your application, you should

receive an email message confirming that you successfully submitted

your application. If you DO NOT receive this message on the same day

you apply, it is likely that you did not submit your application. For

assistance with your application, please visit and click

on "help desk service request form" located to the left of the Quick Links,

and complete the form.


All correspondence related to this employment selection process

(invitation & results letters) will be sent through email:
Correspondence will be sent to your WORK EMAIL account. Please

make sure you check you work email for all the correspondence related

to this recruitment.

For NON-LAUSD employees, including LAID-OFF, FORMER LAUSD

Correspondence will be sent to the email address you indicated in your

candidate profile. Please check your email frequently to ensure you

receive the most up-to-date information.

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Please visit and click on "help desk service request

form" located to the left of the Quick Links and complete the form to

request assistance.

Reasonable accommodations in completing an application and testing

are available to individuals with disabilities. Please call (213) 241-3455

for more information.

Additional Posting Information Selection and promotion are based on a competitive employment

assessment process. Candidates who pass all parts of the assessment

process are placed on a hiring (eligibility) list based on their assessment

score. Hiring departments may make job offers to candidates on the top

three ranks of the hiring list. Eligibility typically lasts for 12 months. The

hiring list resulting from this assessment process may be used to fill open

positions in related job classifications.

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