Assistant to Flamingo GM

Flamingo - New York, NY4.2

About the Brand
We started Flamingo because we thought it was time we got some honestly good products for our body care routines. (And because we're all hairy in places.)

We're the first brand born out of Harry's Labs, the innovation arm of Harry's Inc. Since Harry's launched in 2013, over a million women have used and loved the products. To a collective of women on the Harry's team, it became clear that we could create Harry's-quality product designed for the ways women were actually using them — like on their legs, underarms, bikini lines and toes.

We've talked to thousands of women to truly understand their hair removal needs. With this knowledge we've designed every single aspect of the experience, from razors to wax kits. Every role at Flamingo is dedicated to making the hair removal process a little more enjoyable.

About the Team
In this role, you'll be on the ground floor as we build a new brand that helps change the stigma around women's grooming. This person will serve as an essential partner to Allie Melnick, the GM of Flamingo and the Flamingo team broadly. Because Allie interacts with everyone on the Flamingo team and leadership on the Harry's team -- in many ways this person will be the face of Flamingo, constantly communicating with our most important internal and external stakeholders.

About the Role
This role will serve as an essential partner to Allie Melnick and the team. By managing everything from calendar and travel arrangements to internal team communications, this highly organized, endlessly resourceful person will help set Allie and the Flamingo team up for success on a daily basis.

This person will drive and coordinate key meetings with Allie, own agendas, follow ups and be asked to keep people accountable to project timelines. . We are looking for a go-getter who's eager to be flexible and available. Because the role (and our team!) is so dynamic, this person must possess strong business judgment and communication skills needed to interact with a variety of people and job functions.

What you will accomplish:
  • Anticipate needs, look around corners, and provide the highest caliber of administrative support
  • Expertly manage day-to-day scheduling, coordination, and meeting logistics
  • Support Allie with internal and external communications
  • Ensure Allie and the team is prepared for professional meetings and personal and professional events, by soliciting agendas, drafting one-pagers, creating itineraries, making reservations, printing material, and doing whatever it takes to ensure effective preparation
  • Manage expense reports
  • Schedule and oversee personal appointments, and take care of other highly leveraged personal tasks
  • Interact regularly and build relationships with executives and colleagues across various teams, and with Allie's personal network
  • Serve as a positive ambassador on behalf of Flamingo by consistently acting in a way that leaves people with a positive perception of the company while truly embodying our values.
This should describe you:
  • You have 1-4 years of professional experience
  • You're exceptionally detail oriented: You are a perfectionist who never lets anything fall through the cracks. You close every loop, spot every error, and look around corners to make sure every detail is perfect.
  • You're proactive: Some might call it pushy, but we just think you're proactive. You're always three steps ahead, and know how to manage senior executives to help them avoid potential pitfalls.
  • You possess foresight: If you had a superpower, it would be the ability to see (and plan) around corners. You know there's a problem – and you know how to fix it – before anyone else.
  • You are a creative problem solver: There's no sticky situation that you can't wiggle your way out of, and you always come to the table with solutions.
  • You're a great communicator: You can communicate nuance effectively to anyone, and you know how to modify your tone based on who you're speaking to. Whether it's in an email, over the phone, or in person, you know how to get things done through your ability to clearly and professionally express yourself.
  • You're hardworking: You are endlessly reliable, trustworthy, and consistent in your ability to produce the highest quality work, even outside the confines of a 9-5 job. Everyone counts on you all the time, and you always come through. Whether it's hopping on a plane for a last minute trip to LA, or coordinating an apartment move, or greeting our most important investors, you're down for anything, big or small.
Here's who you'll work with:
  • Reporting to Allie Melnick
  • You'll work with the Flamingo team and the Harry's Executive team in close partnership with stakeholders from across the company
Harry's is committed to bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, feel a sense of belonging, and do great work together. As an equal opportunity employer, we prohibit any unlawful discrimination against a job applicant on the basis of their race, color, religion, veteran status, sex, parental status, gender identity or expression, transgender status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. We respect the laws enforced by the EEOC and are dedicated to going above and beyond in fostering diversity across our company.