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Office of National Drug Control Policy's (ONDCP) Public Health Fellowship, through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA), establishes a vital link between public health professionals and the Federal government. ONDCP is the President's primary source of support for drug policy development and program oversight. The Office advises the President on national and international drug control policies and strategies, and works to ensure the effective coordination of anti-drug programs within the Federal government. This subject matter demands a broad reach with public health professionals because it reflects the wide array of activities that affects the entire United States. Fellowships can provide experienced public health professionals with a unique opportunity to address complex policy issues. ONDCP is especially looking for people who will be interested in experiencing policy making first-hand and contribute their local expertise to further the mission of ONDCP. Candidates from state and local government, institutions of higher education, Indian tribal governments and other eligible organizations are intended to facilitate cooperation between the Federal Government and non-Federal entity through the temporary assignment of skilled personnel.

Program Requirements.To be eligible for an IPA Fellowship assignment, a candidate must have:

  • Considerable expertise in the public health field; and
  • A commitment to undertaking analysis of drug related issues in public
  • Currently be employed by a state or local government, nonprofit organization, federallyfundedresearch and development centeror university.

Selection Process. The Deputy Director or Chief of Staff will be the final selecting official.

The candidate will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Potential for advancement, as stated in the letter of
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and organize work; provide leadership; and make sound decisions in stressful situations, as reflected in the
  • Public health experience related to the duties below, as demonstrated through knowledge of methods, and techniques gained through classroom training and/or on-the-job instruction:
  • Expanding the use of evidence based practice including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder in all sectors;
  • Support school-based prevention programs, including training and technical assistance in effective substance use prevention and educate school staff on substance use;
  • Expand recovery support services/collegiate recovery programs/recovery community organizations and integrating MAT into recovery housing;
  • Expand the use of screening and referral with a warm hand off to treatment in all primary and other medical specialties with high opioid prescribing;
  • Integrate treatment into the health care system by highlighting joint programs, cost savings, and treatment outcomes of integrated care;
  • Legislative tracking and analysis on policy issues of interest at the state level related to prescription drugs and heroin and reviewing public health related bills;
  • Briefing the Deputy Director and agency staff on topics in specific expertise domain including new scientific findings;
  • National Drug Control Strategy edits or development;
  • RX Opioid/Heroin related interagency meetings for implementation of the Strategy, the President’s opioid Initiative;
  • Documenting progress and contributing to the Report on the President’s Opioid Commission Recommendation.

Candidates should submit all of the following materials to ONDCP:

  • A letter from the candidate describing relevant interests--in particular, the interest in an ONDCP fellowship--and the dates of
  • A one-page narrative of how the candidate's experience will benefit both ONDCP employing agency by the candidate's participation in the IPA
  • A letter giving consent for the candidate to be in the program from an authorized representative from the candidate's employer.
  • Curriculum
  • Two letters of recommendation stating the candidate's qualifications and potential for advancement.

Individuals excluded from participation in the Public Health Fellowship as an IPA Fellowship participant includes:

  • Federal, State or local government employees serving under noncareer, excepted service, noncompetitive, time-limited, and temporary or term appointments;
  • Elected Federal, State or local government officials;
  • Members of the uniformed military services and the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and
  • Students employed in research, graduate, or teaching assistant and similar temporary positions.

Deadline for IPA Fellowship Participant Material Submission: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until filled.

Notification of the status of applications will be provided to the candidates.

Background Investigation and Drug Testing

This fellowship requires the candidate to be at least 18 years old and obtain an Executive Office of the President (EOP) favorable security determination as a prerequisite for placement. If selected for placement within the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the IPA participant will be asked to complete paperwork as part of a standard security investigation, in order to determine access privileges to the EOP complex. The paperwork requires that the IPA Fellowship participant to provide extensive personal information about themselves and their family. It is important that all information and answers to questions be truthful and comprehensive in answering such questions. Any offer for placement extended prior to a favorable determination is merely tentative, and the EOP expressly reserves the right to rescind the tentative placement offer at any time before the candidate's start date. Applicants must submit to urinalysis, in order to screen and confirm no illegal drug use. A negative drug test result is required for appointment. All EOP staff is subject to random drug test.

Program Responsibilities

OMA's Personnel is the liaison between the IPA Fellowship participants from state and local government, institutions of higher education, Indian tribal governments and other eligible organizations. OMA is responsible for monitoring and facilitating recruitment, hiring, and employment policies and procedures throughout ONDCP for the State, Local, Tribal and Campus Law Enforcement Fellowship.

OMA will prepare the formal request and complete IPA Agreement Form (OF 69) for submission through the Chief of Staff (COS) to the Deputy Director for approval and signature.

This IPA Fellowship is subject to availability of funds and final approval of the Deputy Director.

To balance the development of IPA Fellowship participants and enhance their performance, the ONDCP supervisor will:

  • Authorize and monitor completion of the IPA Fellowship This assignment must have full-time management and/or technical responsibility consistent with the IPA Fellowship participant's agreement;
  • Ensure completion of the IPA Fellowship assignment requirements; and
  • Support the IPA Fellow's participation in developmental

OMA's Personnel is responsible for advising on and communicating program requirements to the supervisor, and for implementing the agency's recruitment process for this IPA Fellowship annually, based on funding. .By establishing deadline dates each year, the OMA Personnel advises the FRP of the projected assignment within ONDCP, and ensures the completed IPA Agreement Form (OF 69) specifies all reimbursement fees before it is forwarded to through the COS to the Director, ONDCP for approval.

Developmental Activities.Formal training and developmental activities includes: on-the-job training, mentoring sessions, career management counseling, and educational brown bag lunches, cross-training, career broadening assignments, conferences attendance, workshops, and off-site meetings.

Shadowing Assignments.IPA Fellowship participants may complete shadowing assignments of short duration, such as one week. By shadowing managers, IPA Fellowship participants gain insight regarding the scope of managerial responsibilities and management approaches.

Program Mentors.Program mentors are senior-graded volunteers who can provide leadership, insight and guidance to IPA Fellowship participants during their assignment and thereafter.

Mentors serve as role models and personal advisors to convey positive information about the agency's mission, policies, rules and regulations. The IPA Fellowship participants may also be paired with other skilled and experienced employees for networking and developing other insights and skills in preparation for managerial and supervisory positions.

IPA Fellowship Assignment Extensions. Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing to the COS, and be received at least 15 days before the end of the initial appointment. Requests are submitted for the COS through the Associate Director, OMA for concurrence. The request will include specific and compelling reasons for the extension.

Terminations.Either the supervisor or IPA Fellowship participant can terminate the appointment. If a proposed termination is initiated by the supervisor, the basis of the termination must be for either: misconduct, poor performance, or suitability. The supervisors must notify the IPA Fellowship participant and the Associate Director OMA in writing at least 30 calendar days before the scheduled end of the appointment. IPA Fellowship participants terminated from the Program may not be reappointed to the Program.

Travel Expenses.The ONDCP supervisor can request authorization, but are not required to pay travel expenses for pre-employment interviews.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary


  • High school or equivalent (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)