Packaging Associate I-Team 1 7:00 am-5:30 pm

Grande Cheese Company - Wyocena, WI

1st Major Area of Responsibility – Packaging & Inspection

(Key Duties)

Under close or general supervision of the Team Manager and/or Team Leaders, perform basic operation of assigned packaging equipment machine(s) and related computer systems. Accountable to ensure finished products meet Grande quality and safety standards.
Work is usually of a repetitive nature and involves one product line as scheduled.
Ensure continuous flow of product and monitor for proper positioning, spacing, sealing, and correct codes/labels. Seek appropriate resources (Leaders/Managers) as needed to correct and prevent issues in a timely manner.
Perform visual inspection for any defects and rework or discard defective products based on procedures.
Setup, calibrate, and perform minor maintenance to the packaging equipment.
Complete required paperwork, logs, and computer systems for inventory accuracy.
Operate, inspect and maintain forklifts.

2nd Major Area of Responsibility– Sanitation

(Key Duties)

Maintain a clean working area by performing general sanitation of the equipment to keep the work area pathogen free.

3rd Major Area of Responsibility – Regulatory Compliance

(Key Duties)

Complete all required documentation, recordkeeping, and reporting as required by law and/or regulatory agencies, (i.e. DNR, DOL, EEOC, FDA, IMS, OSHA, SQF, USDA, WDA, etc.).
Follow all SAFETY (food & workplace) policies and procedures.

4th Area of Responsibility – All other duties and responsibilities as requested or required

(Key Duties)

Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested or required.
Follow all company policies and procedures.
Follow government standards and regulations.
Provide back-up relief as needed.