As Needed Private Investigator



JOB PURPOSE: To perform the surveillance and SIU assignments within a specific geographical area according to the instructions provided by the Coordinator KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Accepts and acknowledges receipt of case assignments * Adheres to the specific requirements of an assignment based upon the Coordinator’s instructions * Completes video surveillance on identified individuals for the allotted amount of time * Utilizes established investigative techniques to secure covert video footage * Performs other investigations such as securing recorded statements, scene inspections, activity checks and securing documents as assigned * Completes written notes on each case assignment * Submits all videotaped results, photographs, digital recordings and time sheets via e-mail to the assigning Coordinator by the next business day * Meets established deadlines and submits daily time sheets * Communicates with the assigning Coordinator daily on surveillance case assignments and with regularity on SIU case assignments.

Job Type: Contract


  • Investigations: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Private Investigator (Required)