Litigation eDiscovery support

Technical Professional Services, Inc - Grand Rapids, MI



Work closely with Automated Litigation Support (ALS) staff to manage case data, including through the use of database software and other available technology.

  • Prepares documents for image scanning; performs other document collection related activities, including document screening, and labeling of files to be scanned.
  • Performs simple database searches.
  • Performs moderately complex litigation support tasks, including, for example, detailed review and analysis of case materials in a broad range of subject matters, such as financial records, health care materials, and other litigation files; detailed indexing of case files; drafting procedures for accomplishing litigation support assignments; document acquisition related tasks.
  • Proofreads and edits deliverable products.
  • Often works with minimal supervision.
  • Collect, process, cull, load, organize, index, log, track, produce, and present case data using various software programs.
  • Utilize software tools to extract file information, create images of files, and place file images and other file data into document review platforms.
  • Create reports to track electronic discovery processing and production.
  • Draft and review technical specifications for production requests and responses.
  • Review and analyze documents and information produced in investigations and discovery.


  • One year of experience on major litigation support projects or undergraduate degree.
  • Certain assignments may require experience or substantial undergraduate coursework in, for example, finance/accounting, health care, or substantial experience in the legal environment or in information technology.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently in a team environment. Must have excellent writing skills and oral communication capabilities.
  • Experience taking information from native files and PDFs and then processing and coding those files/data for entry into electronic databases as images, but with searchable OCR text and pertinent metadata

Data processing environments, including office automation networks, PC-based databases and other applications, internet and server-based databases and other applications, such as Oracle, Concordance, Summation, Trial Director, etc.

Job Type: Full-time