Software Developer/Programmer (All Levels) (NM)

Fiore Industries Inc. - Albuquerque, NM

Full-timeEstimated: $76,000 - $100,000 a year
Computer programming; documenting; testing; writing and maintaining the source code; all processes between the conception and final manifestation of the software in a planned and structured manner; and/or bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks using a standard software development life cycle.

Development: Includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, re-use, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products including the necessary knowledge of commercial off-the shelf software (COTS) platforms, web/mobile application design, content development, client-side/server-side scripting, or web server, development.

Design, develop, and implement information systems that include designing or building a customized architecture and/or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, custom software, and/or communications infrastructure. Possible job opening pending contract/award with an anticipated start date of July 2019.

Skills Required/Knowledge About/Experience Includes:
A mainframe environment - COBOL, PL/I, JCL, CICS, DB2, C/C++, IBM OS 390, and IBM AS400;
N-tier platform programming services - .NET, C# or Java and related technologies including VB.NET, XML, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Eclipse, ASP, .NET framework, web services/WCF, and mobile application development;
Client/Server (including three tiered architectural environments). ? Java, J2EE C/C++, Cold Fusion/Adobe Suite of products, PowerBuilder, Micro Focus Cobol, Visual Basic, Perl, C# and .NET, CSS, and Oracle DBMS;
Structured Query Languages/Stored Procedures, indexes, triggers, and functions
The various stages of SDLC such as design, development testing and deployment of applications;
Software testing to include planning, constructing, and executing automated tests, product tests, system tests, unit tests, load tests, volume tests, network tests as well as integration with release control process;
COTS implementations;
Design and creation of web and mobile applications, including user experience improvements;
System domains, object/data models, wire frames, prototypes, flowcharts and use cases;
Experience with common environments and frameworks such as (but not limited to): ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC Frameworks, ColdFusion, CGI Java, PHP, Apache, FileMaker, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Sybase, Web2.0, WebSphere, Java / J2EE/JEE, PERL / CGI, PHP, XML / HTML / DHTML, SOAP, Jasper, content management systems;
Enterprise application systems integration and implementation including both COTS and custom applications; Designing, programming, converting, installing, system training, managing and maintaining applications and application interfaces/systems, testing (all levels), implementation and cutover planning, and data conversion/migration for the implementation of the systems;
Implementation of infrastructure solutions capable of cost-effectively supporting business goals; or
Designing and building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions.

Qualified Personnel/Staff Minimum Mandatory Qualifications:
Junior-Level Minimum Mandatory Qualifications

Degree Level - Associates Degree in Computer Science or a related field such as Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, Software Development; and
Relevant Experience - (Between) 1 – 4 years of experience as described above; or

Mid-Level Minimum Mandatory Qualifications

Degree Level - Not Applicable.
Relevant Experience- (More than) 4 years and (less than) 7 years of experience as described above; or

Senior-Level Minimum Mandatory Qualifications

Degree Level - Not Applicable.
Senior-level - (More than) 7 years of experience as described above.

Optional/Desirable Requirements: (Does NOT replace the Mandatory Qualifications above)

Degree Level - Bachelor’s or other Degree in Computer Science or a related field such as Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, Software Development; or

Professional Certifications, any one - C and C++ certifications: CLA: C Programming Language Certified Associate, CLP: C Certified Professional Programmer, CPA: C++ Certified Associate Programmer, CPP: C++ Certified Professional Programmer, Oracle Certified Java, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Note: Exempt and Non-Exempt Positions available

Submitting application and/or resume authorizes Fiore Industries to include application in contract/proposal bid.