Web Developer

The Burgess Group LLC - Alexandria, VA (30+ days ago)4.2

Why Burgess
Each year in America, healthcare businesses waste millions of hours and billions of dollars trying to get payments right. Our flexible software and accurate data feeds help clients eliminate this administrative waste, work more closely with their partners, and ultimately, provide more certainty for people at the point of care. By joining us in fixing these problems, you’ll directly help improve America’s healthcare system, with the benefits felt by all Americans. At Burgess, you will have a positive impact on the world.

Your Contributions Truly Matter
We’re a growing company, so you’ll be given plenty of creative freedom and the opportunity to thrive—everything you do will count.

Position Overview
Passionate about enabling others by leveraging technology? Use your skills and engineering craftsmanship to give domain experts, QA, Developers and other stakeholders competitive advantage in building next generation healthcare claim processing and payment accountability system.

Be a part of a small, high performing team making highly visible impact on internal business processes and workflows. Build, improve and maintain web applications that support internal business processes: software testing, team collaboration, content and metadata management.

What the Role Involves (Responsibilities)
Build, modify and maintain web applications with HTML/CSS/TypeScript, ensuring compatibility, accessibility, and visual fidelity across multiple browsers and platforms
Advise engineering & business stakeholders on best practices, compatibility issues and tradeoffs
Write clean, tested, and well-structured code
Develop, maintain and improve front-end testing suites (functional, visual, and integration) to protect against regressions and ensure project stability
What You’ve Got (Qualifications & Skills)
Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, modular development
Proficiency in CSS3/Sass
Proficiency in one or more modern Front-End libraries: React, Angular, Vue.js
Experience in the SOLID Principles, Clean Code and high-quality consciousness
Experience in Webpack, NPM, Yarn
Experience in writing efficient unit tests for UI (tools and frameworks: Jest/Enzyme/Karma/Mocha/Chai/Sinon.JS)
Experience in client-side state management using tools like Redux/MobX/Others
Experience in or an openness to be working in an Agile driven DevOps oriented software development environment
Continual learning of emerging technologies/industry trends
Excellent communication skills and experience in collaborative environments
Nice to have (not required)
Experience in Node.js
Experience in SSR, Routers, Express
Experience in data visualization and dashboards (D3.js, Chart.js, ECharts etc.)
Experience in developing server-side MVC applications, ideally C#/ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core based
Experience in container technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
Experience in Microsoft Azure and/or other cloud providers
Experience in MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
Who You Are (Ideal Competencies/Skills)
Creative entrepreneur. You have a constant drive to make things better; you question the status quo and approach common challenges with creativity and constructive criticism. You have skills to clearly and convincingly share ideas in a way that adapts to your audience, regardless of function, level, or expertise.
Critical, big-picture thinker. You have a constant thirst for knowledge and the ability to credibly share it with others, whether internally or externally. You are analytical, evaluating logic-based details while always considering and problem-solving for the sake of the big picture.
Self-starter. You are proactive, self-motivated, and able to push work, start initiatives, and provide ideas independently in a team environment.
Team player & coach. You can foster professional and personal respect from others and find success in a team setting. While highly collaborative, you have natural management skills and know how to grow and develop people.
Adaptable multi-tasker. You are highly organized and flexible. You know how to manage expectations and are able to thrive in fast-paced, constantly changing environments and successfully adapt to a variety of tasks.
How We Work (Team & Culture)
Collaborative. We work together and help each other do our best by building on our work across teams and offices. We don’t own individual ideas or seek credit.
User-driven. We place our clients and our users’ needs above all else. If it matters to a user, it matters to us. We work for them and keep ourselves accountable to that.
Hands-on. We don’t wait for problems to solve themselves. We enter the thick of it and get things done.
Impact over ego. Our culture is about results, not ownership. Great ideas have seniority over titles and levels, and great thinkers outshine fancy pedigrees.
Forward-looking. We look beyond our own world to constantly improve our business. We welcome outside speakers, tap into the latest tech, and make sure we’re future-proof in anticipation of what’s coming next.
Caring & close knit. We know and care about our people. We know each other’s project strengths—but also about upcoming family trips and favorite after-work drinks.