Production Facilities Maintenance

Stratas Foods - Nashville, TN

Job Description

Production Facilities Maintenance candidates must be able to perform a variety of jobs, tasks or duties as required, and must be able to work any shift, overtime, and weekends as required. Reporting directly to the Maintenance Manager, responsible for keeping the plant running at an up-most efficient level. Specializing as a machinist, welder or mechanic. The tasks required, but not limited to, are general housekeeping, clean up, lubrication (oiling, greasing, etc.), lifting and hauling items up and down stairs, operate a motorized fork lift and other equipment, and other duties as assigned by supervision. Works under close supervision 10% of the time.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities of Facilities Maintenance

1. Operate forklift, scissors lift, and sky trac.

2. Basic mechanical skills with a focus on the electrical side.

3. Ability to pass fit test for full face respirator.

4. Rewire AC/DC electrical components throughout the plant.

5. Troubleshoot PLC’s, proficient at ladder logic programming and wiring schematics.

6. Completing PM’s on a daily and monthly time frame.

7. Working with operators/supervisors to keep lines running for better efficiency.

8. Complete work orders in timely manner.

9. Ability to shut down and work on ammonia system safely.

10. Ability to operate and understand packaging equipment and processes.

11. Working safely and following all SOP’s on LOTO of equipment.

12. Good communication skills.

13. Ability to identify needed mechanical improvements and make repairs.

14. Keep work areas and maintenance areas clean and clutter free.


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent

Related Experience: 3+ years experience preferably in a manufacturing environment.

Equipment/Software Skills: Experience with a preventative maintenance and a parts ordering system is preferred.

1. Written and oral communication-ability to work with others to comprehend and complete tasks.

2. Problem Solving-ability to troubleshoot issues with equipment and make necessary changes.

3. Project Management-ability to complete tasks that improve the efficiency of the plant.

Additional Information

Physical: Ability to lift 50 pounds, climb stairs, lift, bend, kneel, stand for long periods of time, work in confined spaces, and work with heights