City of Greenville, SC - Greenville, SC

Job Description
Brief Description of the Job
Responsible for the daily care of animals, exhibits, and grounds in areas of the Zoo as assigned to the highest standards expected by the Greenville Zoo and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Provides general maintenance in and around exhibits and maintain landscaping throughout. Participates in public relations activities and educational programming.

Job Duties
Essential Functions
Provide Animal Care (75%) Prepare appropriate animal diets; clean and fill water containers; and present food at specified times. Clean, disinfect, and check animal enclosures for any disrepair. Observe, monitor, and record animal behavior, physical condition, and activity. Plan, propose, create, provide, and document Environmental Enrichment opportunities. Plan, propose, execute, and document Operant Conditioning sessions to reduce stress, enrich the lives of the animals, assist in veterinary care, and build keeper-animal rapport. Prepare and submit daily reports that document detailed observations of animal behavior, dietary intake, physical appearance, level of activity, and related issues. Plan, propose, execute, and document Operant Conditioning sessions. Research species-specific natural history and current trends and developments in the Zoo field. Construct species-specific exhibit furniture. Respond to animal emergencies as directed, following approved protocols. Participate in various operational and staff Zoo committees. Oversee volunteers and interns. Stay current on required vaccinations.

Perform Exhibit Area Maintenance (20%): Provide general landscaping maintenance of grounds in and around exhibits and associated facilities. Trim and prune plants, bushes, trees, and other vegetation in and around exhibit area. Maintain grasses and other ground covers and various substrate materials in animal and public areas. Make simple repairs to commonly used equipment and tools. Maintain mechanical apparatus e.g., locks, valves, slide doors. Collaborate on in-house construction projects.

Perform Educational & Public Relations Activities (5%): Provide professional presentations and informal talks to the visiting public and school groups. Assist with media interviews. Participate in Special Events and/or Zoo Rentals including set-up and breakdown.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements
Formal Education: High school diploma or equivalent is required.

Experience: Under and including one year of experience in animal care (exotics).

Driver's License Required: Class D South Carolina license.

Certifications and Other Requirements: None.

Physical Demands
Overall Strength Demands: Heavy strength demands include exerting 50-100 pounds occasionally, 25-50 pounds frequently, or from 10 up to 20 pounds constantly. Lift animals, grain sacks, hay bales, squeeze cage, lumber, tents,

Physical Demands Continuously requires standing, walking, vision, and hearing. Frequently requires lifting, reaching, kneeling, crawling, pushing/pulling, bending, crouching, and talking. Occasionally requires sitting, fine dexterity, carrying, handling, climbing, balancing, and twisting. Rarely requires foot controls.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aids: Trucks, electric cart, utility vehicles, lawn mowers, generators, leaf blower, weed-eater, hedge trimmers, loppers, tree saw, training bridges (whistles, clickers, etc.), training targets, squeeze cages, live and kill traps, power tools, reciprocating saw, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, nets, cameras, mobile internet device.

Computer Equipment and Software: Copier, fax, computer, telephone, Microsoft Office Suite, and Internet Explorer.

Working Conditions
Overall Working Conditions: Disagreeable: Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards.

Environmental Factors: Daily exposure to physical hazards. Weekly exposure to respiratory hazards. Monthly exposure to noise and vibration. Seasonal exposure to extreme temperature and wetness and/or humidity.

Health and Safety: Frequent exposure to mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, communicable diseases, and physical danger or abuse. Occasional exposure to electrical hazards. Rare exposure to fire hazards.

Primary Work Location: Outdoors (Zoo Exhibits and Grounds).

Protective Equipment Required: Latex gloves, leather gloves, eye protection, earplugs, face mask, respirator, safety glasses, and other specialty PPE's depending of project, i.e. chainsaw chaps

Non-Physical Demands
Frequently requires time pressures and working closely with others as part of a team. Occasionally requires irregular schedule/overtime, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, tedious or exacting work, and noisy/distracting environment. Rarely requires emergency situations and frequent change of tasks.