Executive Coach - Professional coach - 1-on-1 over the phone

One Focus - United States


Do You Want to Make a Profound Difference in People's Lives?

Are you a coach who wants to be paid to coach, but not have to market or "sell" yourself to get clients?

LOCATION INDEPENDENT - This Is a Virtual / Remote Position

Position: Executive Coach - ADHD coach for adults
Type: Independent Contractor
Desired: Professional Coaching experience with clients 1-on-1
Work Location: Remote - US / Canada - Your home office
Income Potential: $75,000 /year

Would you like to be paid to coach, but without having to go out and "sell" yourself to get clients?
You could work coaching our clients and earn $40,000 - $75,000+ per year.

  • Without the cost, time, and headaches marketing yourself.
  • Without doing a single "free strategy session".
  • Without worrying about collecting (or chasing!) checks and credit card payments from clients.

You Get to Just Coach.

  • With the support of a team,
  • With the support of a system,
  • With the support and training of one of the world's top master coaches : -)

We are currently looking to add 3 extraordinary coaches to our Awesome coaching team!


The applicants we are looking for have a commitment to true excellence. You are energetic, accountable, and professional. You have a natural ability to read people quickly. Integrity is one of your core values and you walk your talk! We measure your success as a coach by the progress of your clients.


  • This is a contract position with a minimum 24 month commitment.
  • Coaches are expected to take on a minimum of 18 one-hour clients each week after working with us for the first 3 months.
  • We provide all the clients, and our clients have weekly sessions.
  • Each of our coaches must go through ADHD specific training with Company President Shanna Pearson. There will be a mandatory 1hr weekly group training call, in addition to any individual training the coach requires.
  • There is no cost to our coaches for the training. (Coaches outside our company pay $25,000/year for Shanna's training and mentoring).
  • Location: remote - work from your quiet home office.


Expert ADHD Coaching is the World's #1 coaching company for Adults with ADHD. We continue to grow at a rate of 50-100% per year, every year. We have a very high demand for our services because of Shanna Pearson's proprietary ADHD Coaching System and successful coaching method. What we do works.

Our core commitment is to deliver the absolute highest quality program and service in order to make a powerful and lasting difference in the lives of every single one of our amazing clients.

Our Coaching is RESULTS based and Action Oriented.

  • We train our coaches in the coaching techniques that WORK for adults with ADHD so that our clients receive the highest quality coaching possible, and we make a tremendous difference in their lives!
  • All our coaches must be trainable and willing to do things differently.
  • This is NOT "Life Coaching". This is highly directive and implemenation-based coaching, as well as personal/ & professional development specifically for adults who have ADHD.

Our coaches each coach between 18-25+ clients/week

  • We have a diverse team of over 20 expert coaches and we are able to match each new client with a coach who is a perfect fit for that client's particular challenges and coaching needs - ensuring a great client-coach relationship from the start!
  • All coaching sessions take place over the phone on a high quality land-line.




If you are trying to fill in time between pursuits, are looking for something short-term, or need a job while trying to build your own business, please do not apply!

We’re seeking candidates who are interested in the freedom that comes from having a predictable, meaningful, fun, well-paying, work from home position!

*You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment working with us. *


  • Assertive and Authoritative, Strong and Charismatic Personality.
  • High-energy and professional personality over the telephone.
  • Very strong work-ethic. You strive to be the Best at what you do.
  • Smart and Quick. Our clients are FAST and our coaches must be at least 1 step ahead.
  • You are highly intuitive and able to read people quickly.
  • Trainable and Coachable! A strong desire to Learn and Implement a highly directive coaching methodology.


  • You are a coach and you have been coaching professionally. You have over 2 years of experience being paid by clients to coach.
  • Minimum 5 years experience as a paid Professional working 1-on-1 with clients. (does not have to be coaching)
  • College /University Degree.
  • Excellent task management and productivity skills.
  • "Gets" / Understands people who have ADHD.
  • Superb ability to coach clients with deeper personal challenges. You must be able to go "deep" with our clients to overcome self-esteem issues, fears, depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, etc.
  • North American long distance plan on a High Quality land-line.
  • Ability to coach 50 weeks/ year. Our coaches can take 1 week off from coaching, two times per year. Travelling more often is fine as long as you still coach your clients.
  • *** You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment working with us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Jeremy Pearson, CEO



Job Type: Contract

Salary: $40,000.00 to $75,000.00 /year