Kids Club Associate

Gold's Gym Washington - Woodinville, WA

The Kids Club Associate provides all the necessary primary care for infants, independent and group activities for toddlers and direct supervision of older children in a specific area of the gym. Primary job is to ensure the safety and security of all children while in the Kids Club care.

High School Diploma or GED required
Childcare experience preferred
Basic computer skills
Infant and Child First Aid and CPR certification required
Ability to safely lift and hold children
Ability to setup play equipment and pick up toys
Must be able to communicate well with children
Excellent verbal and written communication with adult parent(s) required
Requires the ability to stand or sit for up to 8 hours throughout the workday
Ability to lift up to 25 pounds
Hearing sufficient to understand conversations, both in person and on the telephone
Cares for children in a defined area of the gym for the attending member(s).
Organizes and participates in recreational activities, such as games.
Reads to children, and teaches them simple painting, drawing, crafts, and songs
Care for special needs children as needed to include securing the children in equipment, such as chairs and slings
Organizes and stores toys and materials to ensure order in Kids Club area
Must portray a fun and energetic demeanor
Sanitizes toys, play equipment, and complete the daily cleaning checklist
Helps plan age appropriate activities on a weekly basis
Ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed as needed to include: accident reports, sign in sheets, weekly tally sheets, and opening and closing sheets
Attends all required staff meetings
Pages parent/guardian if necessary to attend to discipline issues and attend to personal needs (diaper changing, changing clothes, restroom assistance)
Ensures parents are adhering to the Kids Club policies and signs child in and out of facility
Ensures that all safety precautions are taken when receiving and releasing children to the parent/legal guardian by using the Parental ID check in process.
Must ensure no drinks or foods are in the Kids Club
Must be accountable for children at all times
Other duties as assigned