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In partnership with the US Forest Service, MobilizeGreen is seeking a GIS Resource Assistant to work on the Angeles National Forest and be based in Arcadia, CA. The Resource Assistant will be specially trained by Forest Service specialists to assist them with project coordination, monitoring, data collection and reporting. The Resource Assistant will be assigned to a Forest Service employee that holds a leadership role in the monitoring of Powerhouse projects. Many projects involve collaboration with a multitude of partners, such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the National Forest Foundation, Conservation Corps, and others. A 40-hour work week is mandatory throughout the internship.


MobilizeGreen is a non-profit seeking to jumpstart green careers for young people who want to change the world. Their theory of change states: "If we want to build our society on a greener and more just foundation, young people must be at the table helping to shape the sustainability and environmental decisions in the government and private sector. And these young people must reflect America's rapidly changing, rich demographic mix."

The US Forest Service was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905. The agency manages and protects the nation's 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands, which is 25% of all federal lands. The Inaugural Chief of the USFS, Gifford Pinchot, stated that the USFS existed to, "provide the greatest good for the greatest number in the long run." The mission of the U.S. Forest Service is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Angeles National Forest to meet the needs of present and future generations. To help achieve this mission, the U.S. Forest Service provides leadership in protection, management, and use of these lands. The Angeles National Forest, which encompasses the San Gabriel Mountains, is an important resource to the residents of Los Angeles County, providing them with 35 percent of their drinking water and 72 percent of their open space.

Program Overview

After fire, there is a need to prepare restoration plans and implement actions to help the ecosystem recover. The ecological values lost in the powerhouse fire can be restored through intervention. There is a need to engage in projects ranging from restore removing invasive plants and animals, to repairing roads and campgrounds, to improving watersheds. These proposed projects, and others, will help move the ecosystem toward a desirable condition. The Damage Assessment from the Burnt Area Emergency Repair (BAER) team estimated a total of $43 million worth of damage. At the middle and end of the internship, Resource Assistants must submit accomplishment reports to the Powerhouse Fire Settlement Coordinator and their supervisor.


Full-time (40 hours per week) for 26 weeks starting late January / early February 2019.

$660 weekly living stipend.
Health insurance option available.
Eligible to receive the Resource Assistant Program2-year non-competitve hiring certificate upon completion of 960 internship hours and other program requirements.
Hands on learning and training.
Primary Resource Assistant Intern Duties

Scan aerial images,
Delineate vegetation types on ortho-rectified images
Orthorectify aerial imagery in ERDAS imagine
Identify differences between years in vegetation type distribution and density
Search Endnote web for relevant references regarding methods
Search Endnote web for references addressing questions
Write scientifically-sound briefs
Convey Scientific Information using Concepts Communicated by Edward Tufte (see: for Southern California Shrublands
GPS data collection methods, data download, differential correction and data dictionary creation.
Create maps from collected data for publication to the web (ArcGIS story mapping) and paper formats
Perform statistical analysis on data
General data management
Key Qualifications and Considerations

Housing not provided and local applicants are preferred
Valid driver's license preferred and may be required
Deep interest in environment/natural resource management and the US Forest Service
Experience and qualifications in ArcGIS software, preferably with Story Mapping, and web publishing
Current College students (graduates & undergraduates) or recent graduates preferred
Ability to work both independently and with others collaboratively on Forest Service projects
Essential Functions

May be required to travel and work in the backcountry and other remote locations on the forest, independently and in teams.

Other Requirements:
US Citizen or Permanent Resident
Must pass a Federal Background Check

To apply, please submit:
1) Resume

2) Letter of interest

Please send both to by December 7, 2018. Applications through or any other application will NOT be reviewed.