Deputy Director of Operations

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Brief Description of Duties:
This position serves as the Deputy Director of Operations in the Department of Public Works whose mission is to plan for, provide and maintain the District of Columbia’s physical environment. This mission encompasses enforcement of parking rules and regulations maintaining and cleanliness of public space, maintenance and acquisition of motor vehicle equipment.

The incumbent in this position will serves as key member of the Director’s management and advisory staff, and participates in recommending and formulating policies and strategies on budgeting and program management. They will provide leadership and direction on DPW’s on-going management and regulatory initiatives. This includes overseeing development of strategic and business plans, and helping to establish objectives. Additionally, they will also develop alternative approaches to solving and developing strategies for obtaining needed support from other district agencies.

As Deputy Director for Operations, the incumbent will assist the Director in the overall management and execution of the Department of Public Works mission. This will include: planning, developing and organizing programs; coordinating programs within and outside of the department and reviewing the effectiveness of operational activities.

They will be responsible for directing Administrators in securing needed resources beyond their capability to provide, and allocates resources in administrations assigned to him/her to meet priority missions assignments.

They will need to direct research and analyses of existing and proposed governmental policies including legislation which affects public works issues in the District of Columbia to assess their implications for District programs and services. In the absence of the Director, or as requested, as the Acting Director and assumes all the Director’s responsibilities.

The incumbent will provides leadership and direction for subordinate managers, supervisors and staff in light of the established objectives of DPW. Exercise the full range of managerial responsibilities, which involves managing, planning and directing work activities; distributing and reviewing work; conducting employee performance evaluations; providing training and recommending promotions, reassignments, selection appointments, disciplinary actions, etc. They wil also need to coordinate the development of and approve and implements internal plans projects procedures and reporting.

Conditions of Employment

Area of Consideration: Open to the Public

Collective Bargaining Unit: This position is not covered under a collective bargaining unit.

MSS At-Will Statement: Positions in the Management Supervisory Service (MSS) serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Other Significant Factors: This position is designated Essential. Employees designated as "essential" shall be required to be at work regardless of the emergency situation declared.

Employment Benefits

Selectee will be eligible for health and life insurance, annual (vacation), and sick leave and will be covered under the District of Columbia retirement plan.


Specialized Experience:
Candidate must possess at least one (1) year of specialize experience equivalent to the grade 15 level. Specialized experience is work which is directly related to the position and has equipped the individual with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position to include work planning, developing, managing administrative and operational activities; researching and analyzing existing and proposed governmental policies including legislation which affects public works issues in the District of Columbia to assess their implications for District programs and services; or performing similar agency operational functions.

Basic Requirements:
Extensive knowledge of the missions, functions, objectives and goals of the Department and its relationship to other district government agencies.

Extensive knowledge of management practices, theories, and techniques to effectively perform established duties.

Ability to apply sound independent judgment in the solution of complex policy problems and management issues.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Knowledge of management systems and administrative procedures to determine causes of operating deficiencies and system defects to develop effective solutions.

Knowledge of the District Government legislative laws, regulations and requirements.

Applicants must meet the requirements listed below:
Mastery of management principles procedures and techniques of analysis and evaluation. Superior skill in evaluating the effectiveness of policies, programs and processes; and in implementing changes to provide for more effective and efficient operation.

Mastery of and skill in problem-solving, negotiation strategies and project management. Mastery knowledge of, and skill in applying analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to conduct in-depth research of policy issues, program/operations, project issues; to review and analyze complex issues; and to prepare clear, in-depth reports of studies and recommendations. Mastery of management principles, practices, methods and techniques. Demonstrated skill in determining methodologies, approaches or alternatives used to achieve initiative objectives.

Demonstrated skill and experience in providing leadership in a managerial capacity, and in a team-based environment, securing the support and cooperation of officials. Ability to supervise subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty, and the requirements of the assignments and their capabilities.

Superior skills in orally and written communications to prepare and present recommendations and solutions regarding complex issues based on analysis and evaluation, including the preparation of presentation of reports and proposals, as well, as to articulate instructions and directives.

Closing Statement

Job Offers: Official Job Offers are made by the D.C.Department of Public Works Human Resources Office Only.

General Job Information

First Screening Date: 15 days after initial posting date