Program Specialist

Community Living & Support Services - Pittsburgh, PA

30+ days agoFull-time

TITLE: Program Specialist

FUNCTION: To instruct skill building classes in the appropriate setting. Assist in the development of compensatory strategies and provided case management support to a case load of no more than 10 individuals in addition to teaching a weekly class schedule. To assist individuals with establishing and accomplishing goals.

SCOPE: Skill Building Team members report to Director of Community and Education Programs or the Coordinator of Community Skill Building.

QUALIFICATIONS: College graduate with a background in social services, education or counseling. Experience with individuals with disabilities is necessary. Resourceful, dependable, creative, and flexible in approach. Must show initiative and ability to function cooperatively as a team member.


  • Design the content and structure of the curriculum, researching topics relevant to adult life and locating/developing adult appropriate materials.
  • Instruct various academic and skill building courses in the area of Household Management, Disability/Social Adjustments, Problem Solving, Functional Communication, Self Management, Community Living, and Vocational Directions.
  • Assess skill levels and prepare individualized assessments and learning objectives for each participant.
  • Complete individual class work plans.
  • Create opportunities for participants to generalize skills learned into a community setting.
  • Provide case management support as the contact person and update participant files in accordance with state guidelines.
  • Obtain physical, psychological, educational, and social information from other resources in order to evaluate capabilities.
  • Refer participants to community resources and other agencies and provide follow up as needed.
  • Schedule and conduct Progress Reviews; update Plans of Actions and prepare a written report for each assigned participant.
  • Administer Profile of Personal Choices and independent Living Skills to applicants.
  • Prepare Plans of Action, Background Summaries, Exit Reports and other documentation that is required by regulation.
  • Adhere to the Centre’s guidelines and Staff Standards. Encourage mature adult appropriate behavior among participants. Encourage personal responsibility.
  • Document participant’s progress on a daily basis using appropriate progress notes.
  • Confer with other staff members to promote educational, physical, and social development of participant.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of disabilities, community resources and the independent living movement through reading and conferences, etc.
  • Assist in handling medical and behavioral emergencies, document as necessary.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled Team, Centre, and Agency wide meetings.
  • Provide personal assistance to individuals on an as needed basis, wheelchair maneuvering and with eating if needed.
  • Develop and implement individualized compensatory strategies. To communicate to team the use and purpose of these strategies to the team.
  • Assist in scheduling and other programmatic matters between terms.
  • Participate in Centre and agency-wide activities that promote the CLASS mission.
  • Assume other duties as assigned.


  • Carry out the above-identified responsibilities in a mature and professional manner.
  • Maintain a balance between individual advocacy and group responsibility.
  • Use tact and sensitivity in responding to agency wide employees and participants.
  • Accept and render constructive criticism in a professional manner.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors and identified in Employee Handbook and departmental guidelines.

CLASS is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full-time