Executive Director

NC State University - Raleigh, NC4.2

Full-timeEstimated: $110,000 - $140,000 a year
The Executive Director is the top-level position at The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina (Center) within the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE Department) at NC State University (NC State). The Executive Director provides leadership, guidance, and direction for the Center, as well as oversees all Center operations and personnel. The Executive Director establishes the Centerâ??s organizational structure, determines growth and development, and defines, monitors, measures, and ensures overall goals and performance expectations are achieved. This includes, but is not limited to, budget and finances, revenue generation, service provision and deliverables, work quality, customer service, public service, growth, technical development, research initiatives, and personnel development and performance. The Executive Director heads the Centerâ??s core leadership team, and works directly with the Centerâ??s directors in making daily and long-term management decisions. The Executive Director reports to the ISE Department Head and works directly with NC State faculty, staff, administrators, and Center partners to perform administrative and management functions. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the Centerâ??s ad hoc Advisory Committee. The selected candidate must possess excellent oral and written communication skills. The following is a partial list of duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director position, in addition to management and supervision of personnel. The Executive Director will: * Follow and govern the organization per the Centerâ??s Charter. * Ensure Center operations comply with all state and university policies and procedures. * Consult with and collaborate on Center activities with other Center professionals, regulatory officials, NC State personnel, researchers, and faculty from universities and colleges throughout North Carolina and the United States to fulfill the Centerâ??s mission. * Prepares Annual and 5-year reports for the NC State Office of Research and Innovation. * Manage and direct a diverse group of professionals, including ergonomists, ergonomics health care providers, statisticians, and computer specialists to conduct field and research studies for Center members and consortia. * Develop, coordinate, and manage consultation, research, publication, product development, administrative, and marketing functions of the Center. Maintain technical integrity and quality of the Centerâ??s deliverables. Ensure highest level of quality and customer service. * Manages strategic marketing efforts and implementation of the Centerâ??s strategic marketing plan. Generate programs, services, and products to grow membership and client base. * Develop and integrate the Centerâ??s model of success and pursuit of excellence process into the Centerâ??s working structure. * Establish, define, and administer Center performance goals and measures. Develop and maintain Center budget and financial objectives. Manage financial tracking and measurement system. * Manage personnel hiring, including establishment of job descriptions, position openings, postings, interviewing, and hiring. * Provide technical expertise and advise Center directors and staff on ergonomics, business, and marketing issues. * Provide ergonomics consultation to employers and employees in a broad range of business and industry environments. * Develop and expand Center membership and client base through public meetings, seminars, workshops, and other forums. * Develop and oversee implementation of ergonomics programs and practices at client companies. Provide monitoring assistance with on-site review, audit, and consultation to maintain voluntary compliance with OSHA guidelines relative to ergonomics and other commonly accepted practices. * Perform ergonomics field studies
Minimum Qualifications: Post-baccalaureate credentials in Ergonomics or closely related field with several years directly related experience; OR a bachelors degree in a closely related field with several years directly related experience. A certification in ergonomics. Experience managing a service-based revenue generating business operations.
Position Number: 00060961
Posting Date: 09/11/2019

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