UI Developer

Human Resource and Knowledge Inc - Philadelphia, PA


Job Title: UI Developer
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Duration: 9 months

· Collaborate with User Experience Designers, Product Owners, Project Managers, and Engineers to deliver compelling user experiences
· Create reusable front-end and possibly backend systems that power a Fortune 50 commerce platform
· Write clean, fast, and optimized JavaScript to achieve the desired user and developer experience
· Continuously learn and further knowledge of the latest web technologies

· Extreme Proficiency in JavaScript and ideally proficient in React.js
· Extreme Proficiency using and implementing Alfresco for content management and associated Activiti business process management engine
· Excellent problem-solving skills
· Good understanding of software engineering concepts and practices
· Experience with popular React state management and tooling libraries (Redux, react-router, webpack etc)
· Development experience using an agile methodology such as Kanban, Scrum, Lean etc.
· Experience in developing and consuming REST or GraphQL APIs
· Exposure and interest in full stack development in one of the following: Node.JS, Python or Java
· Debugging skills with the ability to ask for help
· Consume libraries, tools, and APIs from other teams to achieve the desired functionality
· Self-motivated, creates own goals and crushes them
· Ability to work as part of a distributed team in a self-directed way with strong communication skills. Flexibility, teamwork, empathy, a sense of humor and courage to challenge the status quo are must haves in this environment
· Experience / understanding development process in the DevOps environment (including exposure to CI/CD tools such a Jenkins, source code management tools - e.g. GIT)
· Good knowledge in relational databases like MySQL (ideally – exposure to NoSQL)

Job Type: Contract