Food Tech I

Glanbia - Downers Grove, IL3.5

Job Summary:
  • This entry/junior level lab position will be expected to work closely with their Manager and other Food Technologists on the development of powder, bar, and ready-to-drink (and other format) projects from concept through execution. Successful applicants must demonstrate the ability to juggle multiple projects and must demonstrate good organizational, analytical, and communication skills.

  • Note: This is a lab position where all food allergens (milk, soy, nuts, peanuts, wheat, egg, etc…) are present. This person will be involved in tasting a variety product types and subsequently exposed to them.

Essential Functions:
  • New Product Development
    • Develop foods and supplements including: powdered and RTD beverages, capsule, and tablets, and RTE foods. Includes: formulation, validating ingredient and ingredient vendors, preliminary costing and preparing nutritional/supplement panels.
    • Create and flavor prototypes.
    • Organizes basic sensory panels. Refines formulations until desired characteristics are achieved.
    • Oversees pilot plant experiments and scale-up manufacturing runs.
    • Initiates raw material and factory trial analytical testing.
    • Enters raw material specifications and formulas into product development software.
    • Reformulates to bring formulations into compliance with changing government regulations or customer requirements.
    • Observational Skills and monitoring product stability.
  • Documentation
    • Documents all formulations, variables tested, product stability, and other pertinent details and enters into lab notebooks and Formula Management System.
    • Produces formula cost information; works with purchasing, finance, and sales teams to help establish final product pricing; initiates new item forms for all product introductions.
  • Collaboration
    • Works with Regulatory to generate compliant Supplement/Nutrition facts panels and ingredient listings for product packaging/artwork and proofreads for accuracy.
    • Raw material specification advisement and review.
    • Contributes to innovation, trouble shooting, and brain storming ideas in a team environment.
    • Works with key suppliers to keep abreast of upcoming trends, novel ingredients, and new application ideas.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of the position
    • Detail oriented, well organized and follows GMP lab factory guidelines
    • Understands and follows daily lab, development, and production processes
    • Demonstrates ability for multi-tasking, attention to detail, accuracy of figures
  • Skills of the position
    • Strong analytical and communication skills
    • Basic lab skills (ability to weigh and measure)
    • Proficient mathematical abilities
    • Able to follow a formula and flavor products
    • Ability to accurately weight and measure materials
    • Understands MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), nutritional software
  • Abilities for the position
    • Possess problem solving skills– uses rigor, logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions
    • Robust planning skills – accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasks, sets objectives and goals.
    • Can demonstrate Learning on the fly – learns quickly when facing new problems, open to change
    • Technical Learning – Picks up technical skills quickly
    • Works well in a fast paced “hands on” environment
    • Good flavoring skills and vocabulary to create new products and solve problems
  • Bachelors of Science in Food Science, Nutrition, or related field
  • Years of experience: 0-4 years of relevant experience working in the food, beverage or dietary supplement industry; prior development and knowledge of dietary supplements is an advantage