Security Lieutenant

Palm Beach State College - Lake Worth, FL4.4

Job Description
Palm Beach State College Job Description |Human Resources

Job Code: SECLT
FLSA: Exempt
Pay Grade: 59

Job Summary:
Responsible for assisting the Chief of Security with administrative operations of Security Offices at all college campuses. Supervises all personnel assigned to the security function. Maintains and develops new policies as it relates to the department’s operations. Develops and conducts training programs for security personnel, students, and college employees, and completes special projects as assigned. This position will ensure that administrative and operational procedures are in compliance with college policies, state statues, and safety practices as directed by the Chief of Security. Due to the nature of the position, the incumbent may need to work a fluctuating schedule to include holidays, nights and weekends.
Starting Pay

Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop and maintain manuals regarding policies.
Develop and train staff. Perform needs analysis, arrange, coordinate, deliver, evaluate, and/or monitor staff development.
Monitor and evaluate the performance of your employees.
Coordinate the activities of one or more staff. Assist in scheduling and administrative requirements. This may include student workers, part time, full time, temporary, and/or volunteers.
Assist in the evaluation of the unit relative to its mission and suggest ways services may be refined.
Develop short term goals. Includes goals, objectives, priorities and/or recommendations.
Maintain and control records. Includes database, logs, cost records, and general records. Does not include bookkeeping.
Develop policy recommendations for consideration and adoption.
Developing, maintaining and monitoring department web site.
Uses established web templates and may use HTML or web development software.
Review and/or revise reports and documents for accuracy and completeness. This does not include the review of reports and documents covered under subsequent activities.
Prepare for participation in faculty and staff meetings.
Develop, coordinate and implements emergency and contingency plans. Alert management to potential disruption to service. Institutes contingency operating procedures.
Coordinate and allocate department or campus resources in response to extraordinary circumstances which make standard operating procedures inappropriate.
Acknowledge, research, and respond to complaints received regarding College programs, and College employees. May include liaison and mediation activities among complainant, the College faculty and staff.
Counsel employees on company policies, procedures and practices to ensure a sound employee relation environment.
Clarify, monitor, and enforce program guidelines, policies, and procedures. Refer disciplinary issues or unique situations to the appropriate person.
Attend workshops, seminars or conferences to sharpen job related skills. Maintain on going knowledge of policies, procedures, laws and ordinances, benefits, and union agreements.
Communicate to college personnel and others through written and online methods administrative and informational matters, as necessary.
Investigate possible cases of criminal offenses.
Investigate disruptions and incidents on department or campus property.
Report unsafe conditions and other safety concerns during patrolling duties.
Patrol campus and ensure safety for students, faculty and staff.
Issue faculty, student and staff parking authorizations and issue related reports.
Maintain and perform in a safe workplace.
Follow established safety practices.

Education and Experience:
Associate’s degree or two years of college coursework.

Minimum of one year related experience, and experience in supervision.

Licenses, Registrations, Certifications, or Special Requirements:

Valid Florida Driver’s License.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of:
Microsoft Office Professional or similar application.

Skill in:
Good verbal and written communication. Incident investigation.

Work Environment and Physical Demand:
Reach and grasp objects.

Stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, or crawl.

Stand for extended periods of time.

Use of video display terminal.

Use of manual dexterity and fine motor skill.

Communicate information orally and in writing.

Receive and understand information through oral and written communication.

Proofread and check documents for accuracy.

Work with equipment or perform procedures where carelessness may result in injury.

Experience exposure to uncomfortable work environment due to extreme temperature, noise level and other conditions.

Risk for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Operate a motor vehicle.

Work a fluctuating work schedule.

Employment Information
Please review the following information in order to apply for a position at Palm Beach State College:
Carefully review the minimum qualifications advertised for the available position as only applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be considered.
Background Check/ Drug Screen may be required based on the specific requirements of the position for which the application is being submitted. Employment is contingent upon the passing of a drug test and upon completion of a criminal background investigation.
An important goal of the Office of Human Resources is to respond to all applicants once a selection is made. Please take notice of the position closing date advertised. Whenever positions are filled, the Office of Human Resources responds to all applicants who have submitted applications.