Custodial Supervisor

Cumberland County Schools - Fayetteville, NC4.1


Assists with over 450 custodians’ needs and concerns throughout the school system. Conducts daily meeting with Custodial Services office staff of over 20 employees. Interviews for new Custodial Services positions. Trains five Assistant Custodial Supervisors. Assists principals with placing custodians at schools. Oversees fire extinguisher training. Orders all fire extinguishers for the school system. Performs maintenance on fire extinguishers. Participates in the IPM program, may supervise IPM Technician. Orders all chemicals for the IPM program. Oversees training of lawn equipment. Oversees maintenance of lawn mower equipment. Orders parts for lawn equipment. Orders new lawn equipment. Oversees two lawn mower mechanics for the school system. Orders household equipment, vacuum cleaners, buffers, wet vacuums, ect. Oversees one Household Equipment Technician. Acts as a liaison between custodians and principals. Oversees training for new custodians. Places custodians during the summer months for schools that need help. Coordinates, conducts and leads all custodial workshops. Organizes custodial banquets. Keeps records of the custodial program. Possesses responsibility for laws and regulations pertaining to school maintenance involving chemicals and equipment. Tests all new chemicals and equipment before ordering. Orders janitorial supplies. Participates in the Green Seal program. Checks all janitorial supply forms daily. Meet with vendors. Involved with promotions for custodians. Performs evaluations for staff. Helps with custodial allotment. Holds meetings with principals and custodians in the interest of improving custodial relations as well as proper techniques in maintaining the building and grounds. Assists principals with custodial work schedules. Investigates and reports incidents in which environmental safety is involved. Involved with the recycling program. Possesses responsibility for all clean up containing mold and mildew in the schools. Possesses responsibility for fire damage, water damage clean up. Possesses responsibility for delivering drinking water to schools. Possesses responsibility for selecting the housekeeping awards for schools of the month and the year. Possesses responsibility for selecting the Neil Brown Service Award recipient. Possesses responsibility for housekeeping inspections for the school system. Oversees the inventory for Custodial Services (warehouse). Possesses responsibility for custodial services equipment inventory for all schools. Possesses responsibility for wood floor maintenance on all huts and stages in the school system. Attends and successfully completes all training activities as required to improve ability and knowledge in performance of work duties. Serves as team player and role model for other employees in the organization; demonstrates a commitment to continuous quality improvement; supports and exhibits organizational core values of caring, respect, integrity, responsibility, high expectations, being customer driven, and valuing diversity. Performs other duties and accepts responsibilities as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $3,802.00 to $5,969.00 /month


  • Supervisory: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Custodial: 6 years (Preferred)