Crime Scene Technician

City of West Melbourne - West Melbourne, FL5.0

Job Description:
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General Description:
Under supervision of the Criminal Investigations Division Captain or designee, skilled tasks in the investigation and collection of evidence at crime scenes, using various types of equipment and techniques, sometimes involving hazardous materials and/or environments. Work involves the collection, documentation, preparation, preservation, examination, secures and packages physical and latent evidence for scientific evaluation; prepares detailed report on the observations and activities conducted at the crime scene; and testifies in Criminal Court regarding those findings and the investigative method used. Performs other work as required. This is a non-exempt position.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Collects, documents, prepares, preserves, and examines physical evidence from crime scenes and persons related to a crime to reconstruct the chain of events for specific crimes. Physical evidence may include human tissues and fluids having biological hazards.

Respond to crime scenes and process physical evidence related to a crime, and possesses general knowledge for latent finger, and/or patent palm or footprint collection using powders or chemicals. Chemicals can include Ninhydrin, Cyanoacrylate Ester Fuming, Iodine Fuming, Hungarian Red, Leuco Crystal Violet and any other chemicals necessary for the development of latent/patent prints. Graphite powders and alternate light source techniques can be included in these processes.

Diagram and measures crime scene for reconstruction purposes. Constructs computerized facial composites and crime scene diagrams for reconstruction purposes.

Conducts crime scene searches to collect and preserve physical evidence; photographs crime scenes including fatal traffic crashes; processes physical evidence turned in by investigating officers.

Analyzes identified evidence and preserves all evidence for presentation in court; transports evidence to the laboratory for detailed analysis if needed.

Prepares detailed and concise reports; assembles and organizes statements and evidence for presentation; attends court and presents evidence and testimony.

Attends autopsies for the purposes of documenting and collecting evidence from deceased persons. Physical evidence can include tissue, bone, clothing with biohazardous fluids, fingernails, hair, etc. Recording of fingerprints, handprint and footprint impressions of deceased individuals for identification.

Subject to call-outs during off duty hours, including nights and/or weekends as required.

Exhibits a general working knowledge of crime scene investigative safety issues, and operates assigned vehicle and equipment in a safe manner.

Performs property and evidence duties in conjunction with, and/or serves as backup, to the Evidence Custodian when necessary.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Prepare documentation and reports in a clear and concise manner.

Knowledge of crime scene principles, practices, and procedures.

Knowledge of applicable ordinances, laws, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Laboratory Evidence Procedures.

Knowledge of technical aspects of crime scene processing.

Must be able to perform mathematical calculations.

Knowledge of emergency medical and first aid practices.

Ability to make oral presentations.

Ability to prepare written reports.

Ability to act efficiently and effectively in a crisis situation.

Skills in taking, identifying, classifying, and filing fingerprints.

Skills in the use of computers, digital cameras, video recording equipment and any other technical equipment as needed.

Skills in searching for, preserving, and interpreting evidence and identification data.

Skills in maintaining filing systems and databases.

Basic knowledge in the use of computers and Microsoft Office products.

Education and Specifications:
High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent required. Associate"s Degree or higher in a related field, with 1-3 years in the crime scene field, and/or Crime Scene Investigator Certification is preferred. Must possess a valid Driver"s license and maintain an acceptable driving record. Residence within a 25 miles radius of the City of West Melbourne is preferred to ensure timely response to call-out instances.

$33,442.00 - $50,163.00