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Delaware Department of Correction
Employee Work Profile and Job Description

Job Title: Charge Nurse, FT, Evenings (every other weekend and rotating holidays)
Reports to: Director of Nursing (Clinical)
Health Services Administrator (Administrative)
Direct Reports: None
Location: Howard R Young Correctional Center

Description of Position
A Charge Nurse is a Registered Professional Nurse (RN) responsible and accountable for direct supervision of the total health care delivery system in his or her assigned nursing unit of the facility, in conjunction with the delivery of patient care through the process of collecting health status data, nursing diagnosis goal setting, planning, implementation and evaluation. The Charge Nurse is a clinical leader, who directs and guides patient education and ensures ancillary personnel provide only those services which they are prepared and qualified to perform.

  • Reviews nursing plans to ensure data collected, nursing diagnoses, and proposed nursing care plans are relative and confirm with authorized policies and procedures
  • Reviews medical records to ensure nursing practice provided is within boundaries of state guidelines and all nursing recordings are in legible SOAP format to include date, time, signature, and discipline
  • Ensures all referrals for consultation, treatment, or resolution of problems are valid and applicable to the documented nursing plans
  • Monitors the nursing service, ensuring the provision of progressive patient care plans, employing the total team approach including patient education and self-care
  • Assists the DON/HSA to ensure that the technical and clinical skills of the Staff Nurses are current, that they function within the scope of their licensure and nursing actions are not delegated to another provider for which that person is not prepared or qualified
  • Responds to “codes” or health emergencies within standard guidelines
  • Follows through and documents all findings, corrections, or counseling for all nursing incidents, medication errors, and inmate complaints, and forwards to the DON/HSA for disposition
  • Identifies potential problems, establishes priorities, initiates effective problem solving based on clinical knowledge and informs DON of proposed corrective actions
  • Maintains composure in stressful situations, aware of own limitations, and seeks guidance as necessary from the DON/HSA
  • Assumes administrative and clinical call when necessary
  • Develops monthly staffing schedule for review and approval by the DON/HSA. Ensures the staffing levels adhere to the contractual requirements and staff requests for vacation or special time off is granted whenever possible.
  • Assists the DON/HSA as needed to ensure an accurate account of monthly staffing and statistics as required by contract.
  • Assists in the orientation and on-the-job training for all new employees assigned to the unit.
  • Ensures employees are assigned duties and responsibilities to their level of their expertise, licensure, or certification.
  • As assigned, conducts staff meetings for all supervised health care providers to identify problems, propose solutions, and set goals.
  • Assists in the collection of monthly statistics as assigned.
  • Reviews, monitors, and maintains perpetual inventory of all contraband and tool counts; investigates and reconciles any discrepancies and reports findings to the DON.
  • Maintains cleanliness, maintenance, sanitation, and appearance of unit and appropriately notifies security of any infractions needing correction or attention
  • Coordinates patient care with other departments, to include but not limited to, intake admission, transfers, infirmary admissions, off-site hospital admission, in-house referrals, off-site referrals, periodic and annual physicals, mandatory release, parole, and patient education
  • Assists the DON/HSA in ensuring that appropriate levels of stock for pharmacy, medical supplies, and laboratory supplies are maintained
  • Provides for preventive maintenance for all medical equipment as appropriate, and initiates procedure for repair as indicated
  • Assists in the maintenance of a professional atmosphere on the nursing unit as well as a high standard of patient care
  • Models excellent clinical skills and professionalism for other staff through regular attendance, arriving promptly for duty, adhering to dress code, displaying the identification badge appropriately, being neat and well groomed, and demonstrating a personal commitment to best practices in nursing
  • Attends monthly institutional staff meetings as directed by the DON or HSA
  • Performs other duties as assigned
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Clinical Knowledge: Possesses advanced understanding of assessment and intervention skills, specifically evidence-based practices. Implementation of these skills is done in a professional and experienced manner, in an effort to model such practices for other clinical staff.
  • Leadership Ability: Capable of supervising a team of nurses, providing direction and modeling professionalism, consulting with supervisors as appropriate. The charge nurse provides clinical, administrative, and emotional leadership to this team.
  • Problem-Solving: The ability to identify a problem, or to identify situations that could lead to problems, in an effort to intervene quickly and effectively. This may not involve resolving the issue alone, only recognizing the problem, and demonstrating sound judgment by gathering and analyzing information
  • Critical Reasoning: Excellent observation skills and the ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions, as well as extracting themes or patterns from seemingly unrelated pieces of information
  • Communication: Ability to convey complicated clinical and professional information to various audiences, in both written and oral form. Understanding the context in which information exists, and the ability to temper opinions diplomatically, all in an effort to model mature, positive, and appropriate behavior. Written communication is edited for spelling and grammar, and presents numerical and scientific data appropriately in clear, concise, and accurate manner.
  • Adaptability: Quickly adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing interests, and demonstrates the ability to deal with frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events
  • Stress Tolerance: Recognizes crisis situations and reacts to such in a calm, mature, professional manner. Accepts criticism and feedback, and is able to deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations
Physical Demands and Working Conditions
  • Intermittent physical activity including sustained walking, climbing, standing, and sitting. Possibility of lifting, stretching and other physical exertion while supporting inmates and moving equipment
  • Working environment that is crowded and may be noisy, inclement, and unpleasant at times
  • Working environment in which exposure to infectious diseases may be greater than in a community mental health setting
  • Potential of exposure to traumatic situations related to incidents involving serious injury or death, behavioral disturbance, self-injury, and other emotionally trying events.
Professional Credentials
  • Must have and maintain current licensure as a Registered Nurse in Delaware
  • Pre-employment Tuberculin Skin Test and CPR Certification
  • Must maintain Full Security Clearance, approved by the Delaware Department of Correction
  • Satisfactory background investigation report
Education and Experience
  • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (Preferred)
  • Minimum of one year clinical experience [experience in corrections preferred]