Corporate Learning and Development Manager (Clinical Research)


Learning and Development Manager

This role manages the overall training framework for Elligo. It is responsible for working with all business functions to define learning objectives, build and maintain curriculum and courses to achieve those objectives and continually measure effectiveness of delivery. The role works with all levels of the organization and training developed by Elligo is for internal and partner purposes (such as within our physician network).


Collaborate with stakeholders to build, deploy and measure training programs and tools to meeting learning objectives of the organization. Maintain a quality process for the creation of content that builds in a continual feedback loop to improve training materials.
Drive processes and compliance to Elligo Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) especially those for qualification and training of staff. This includes managing and driving training compliance.
Develop a variety of training content with Subject Matter Experts and use various training mediums that result in the best effectiveness for the use case. Examples include face-to-face meetings, e-learning modules, interactive webinars, etc.
Manage the company Role Matrix for required training per role and the company learning management system.
Specialized focus on clinical research training topics including those relating to GCP, Elligo SOPs/processes, corporate processes and Elligo-deployed systems.
Research, analyze, and recommend external training programs as needed
Participate or lead the development of trainings, including best practice workshops and other advanced/new training courses
Be innovative and creative in developing training techniques to be used

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
Minimum of 5 years of clinical research experience, site experience a plus (e.g. coordinating research studies, site regulatory responsibility, source documentation, and training of clinical research study coordinators)
Two (2) years of experience as a trainer and/or in a regulated pharmaceutical or government-sponsored clinical research study setting.
Working knowledge of regulatory aspects of pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.
Ability to measure and assess staff training needs and effectively develop and deliver training material.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Experience defining a technical training environment for a classroom setting
Experience building e-learning modules and managing a learning management system.
Ability to understand and differentiate audience to be trained
Self-motivated, innovative and able to assume responsibility and work autonomously in a professional manner
Excellent organizational and time management skills
Solid analytical and technical skills
Strong MS Suite Office skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to travel up to 50%, occasional weekends

About Elligo Health Research:
Elligo helps speed new therapies to market by enabling large numbers of patients and clinicians to participate in clinical research. Studies have shown that only a very small portion of eligible patients participate in clinical research, even though a majority say they are interested in doing so. We remove the logistical obstacles that prevent their participation. Our unique direct to patient model allows us to streamline patient identification and qualification, site activation, patient enrollment, study initiation and study conclusion. This results in more efficient and cost-effective trials and acceleration of new therapies to market.