Communications Specialist

xentity corporation - Reston, VA

Are you a communication or media specialist currently locked into one or a few basic communication tasks? Is it becoming repetitive and uninspired? We are searching for a highly motivated communication specialist to support a premier science program in the proximity of job area.

You will be expected to be the lead science communication specialist for a science-related program. You will work in an as assigned role performing a variety of communication tasks for corporate and customer populations via:

  • traditional media design and development (slick sheets, web sites)
  • new media (social media, video posting, tweeting, blogging)
  • multimedia production including on-location photo shoot, editing photo collections, and videography and basic post-production
  • supporting scientific communication and development.
Your solutions will be the face of the science program, and you'll be able to look back and see you are a key hero who helped transformed communication at this organization. You will be expected to

  • rapidly and proactively ramp-up on Client lingo, context, and expectations
  • demonstrate capabilities to promote and communicate science programs to various stakeholders - to the technical, the executive, the scientist and the citizen.
  • be the direct point of contact requiring a customer service focus on being accountable and decisive to rapidly respond to change requests.
  • provide up to 5 actual work products from prior projects in science communications for end items, campaigns, web, video, brochures or similar. This will help demonstrate your strong communication and interactive skills - oral, written, visual – especially in science communications.
  • Influence communication solution direction as part of a leadership team of natural change agents balancing the client needs and resources with innovative solutions.
You will work directly with our Senior Communications team leadership to this client who enjoy mentoring, collaboration, and making appropriate decisions and as quite familiar with the client strategies, tactics, protocols, and solutions that will be successful. This client enjoys the value these two bring, and have made repeated requests for support for them and their teams over the years.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Communications B.A. Degree required
  • Must be able to travel 10-20% of the time in US, possible AK/HI
  • Previous experience supporting scientific programs, preferably government related, in earth sciences including marine, atmospheric, hydrological, topographic, geological, renewable, or a myriad of dozens of other critical earth sciences.
  • Must be able to rapidly context switch across subject matter, communication products, and stakeholder audiences.
  • Experience with photo and basic audio/video production
  • Must be able to pass basic NACI, background, drug and reference checks
  • Have a home office with frequent on-site presence
  • Tool Experience in PowerPoint, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro or similar
  • No Relocation Assistance, must be local
We do NOT currently have an opening.:
We review our requirements quarterly and this could change. We like to plan ahead in finding amazing talent.:

About Xentity:
We are a fast-growing data consulting and support services firm - focused on large data programs in data types such as geospatial, open, big, and IoT data. Check out to learn about our focus, services, clients, missions, values as well as our excellent benefits package and career information.

We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really delivery for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

Our President has a vision to continue to focus on solutions that transform the Next Generation. Using data integration, knowledge solutions, and amazing increases in computing to impact energy, geosciences, land management, we can bring quality and simplifications to existing and new data flow! Imaging being on a team that brings advanced concepts like high performance computing, AI, data science, fuzzy logic, changing interfaces human-computer points mobile or augmented reality and many more disruptions. This truly can put the I back in IT and GIS.... by concentrating on pragmatic knowledge-first data designs, leadership and management, and the all too forgotten focus on outreach and engagement strategies and solutions.

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