Director of Construction & Project Management

Premier Hospitality Management, Inc. - Durant, OK (30+ days ago)

The The Director of Construction & Project Management reports to the CEO / President of Premier Hospitality Management Inc. and has responsibility for the oversight of construction on new hotels and renovations being planned. Key components will be the experience and ability to lead simultaneous construction efforts on multiple properties as well as a successful track record of proven outcomes with projects.

Project priorities can change, and so the successful candidate will be able to adeptly maneuverer through sometimes ambiguous priorities to ensure that all projects stay on track. Flexibility, organization, record retention, multi-tasking and high energy are required in this position and must be able to be demonstrated regularly to achieve results.

Contributions will also include acting as owner representative with municipalities, agencies, Brand Managers, architecture and interior design to bring projects in on time and within scope applied. Negotiation of contracts and deliverables is a key competency in this role. The successful candidate must feel as comfortable in meeting with city officials in a suit and tie, as communicating with sub-contractors on the job site.

Technical Skills, Qualifications and Requirements:
Four year Construction Management/Engineering /Architect degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.

A minimum of 10 15 years experience in construction with proven outcomes managing multiple projects totaling up to 35M. Hospitality construction experience highly desirable.

Owners rep experience preferred

Must be willing to research prior construction projects to gain pricing strategy.

Prefer experience as an Estimator to assist in determining cost variances in the bidding process.

Experience in the management of Project Managers, and Project Support staff.

Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal, and computer skills including CAD.

Must possess attention to detail, confidentiality, integrity, and the ability to maintain a high level of professionalism in a fast-paced dynamic environment. Proven leadership skills needed to manage construction team(s).

Previous experience with multi-site construction responsibility.

Strong quantitative background in development, including financial feasibility analysis, design, financing, permitting, construction, and project management.

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple concurrent and complex projects and to work effectively and efficiently under pressure to meet required deadlines.

Drive for results leadership style; consistent efforts;

Special Knowledge of construction regulations for federal, state and local levels.

Strong understanding of construction techniques and processes.

Experience in producing estimates in a competitive environment, and assessing cost risks relative to contract terms and conditions.

Knowledge of labor productivity, construction equipment requirements for various types of work, direct and general conditions cost, etc.

Demonstrated experience using cost estimating software such as, Hard Dollar, Timberline, RS Means and Excel spreadsheets.

Experience with commercial, industrial and heavy civil construction preferred

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Premier Hospitality Management, Inc. is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Director of Construction & Project Management - Premier Hospitality Management, Inc., Durant, OK

Position Overview
The Director of Construction & Project Management reports to the President / CEO, and is responsible for leading and directing all design and construction of new facilities, renovations and remodeling projects for Premier Hospitality Management Inc.

The Director of Construction & Project Management provides direct oversight of design development, project management and construction necessary to deliver safe construction projects on time and on budget. Teaming with the senior operational leaders, this position conducts site studies and site selection, coordinates with design leadership for all building projects, costs out entire project, secures all construction supplies and equipment, coordinate projects, acts as owner representative with local municipalities, Brand, and governmental agencies.

The Director of Construction & Project Management hires and oversees General Contractors, Project Managers and/or Construction Superintendents as necessary.

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of the The Director of Construction & Project Management position is to supervise the day-to-day operations of all construction projects and to keep ownership appraised on the status of each throughout their life cycle. Ownership is involved in final decision making process.

Facilitate moving the process forward with designers, architects, MEP/civil engineers and all essential partners for each project to keep the project(s) on track and meeting timelines. Responsible for providing estimating, design, scheduling, project planning, constructability, site utilization, etc.) to ownership for all scheduled projects. Serve as PHMIs point of contact on construction projects.

Create and implement specifications and document plan procedures for construction, ensuring start and finish times, safety, quality, and staffing/subcontractor requirements for each phase of construction project.

Translate information into technical (design drawings, specifications and schedule) and financials for future cost management.

Facilitate and /or oversee the solicitation, write bid specifications; manage bid process and recommend selection of general contractor and/or sub-contractors.

Develop and build relationships and network with municipalities, Brand Managers, agencies, economic development, equipment vendors and key stakeholders in the markets where PHMI plans business development.

Translate the owners vision and brand requirements into design solutions and construction parameters. Act as the focal point for questions from the brand that come up during construction period.

Manage cost throughout the project including estimate preparation, technical estimating, engineering, life-cycle cost analysis, budget and financial management

Conduct construction planning including detailed project phase and baseline construction schedule, consultant and subcontractor selection, trade planning, site utilization planning, disruption avoidance planning, material purchase planning and new build and renovation construction delivery

Ensure risk management requirements are met for insurance, bonding, contract and subcontractor T&Cs

Gather operational leader input and facilitate effective communication to all key stakeholders on project timelines and potential impact. Ensure operational needs and requirements are met to allow for strong guest satisfaction scores during renovation projects.

When applicable, confer with and direct supervisory personnel to ensure subcontractors work in proper sequence and are track to meet identified deadlines. Oversee or make sure project supervisor has subcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications, and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays; communicating pertinent information to ownership.

Obtain and monitor receipt of all permits, building certificates and City inspections. Confers with project supervisor, inspectors, and suppliers of materials to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods.

Inspects work in progress to ensure that workmanship and materials conform to specifications and the adherence to construction schedules. Ensures all rework occurs prior to exit from the property.

Prepares or reviews reports on progress, materials used and costs, punch lists, daily diaries, pictures and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports.

Assist ownership in preparing the financial and market feasibility analysis of projects when requested.

The Director of Construction & Project Management is responsible for execution of site studies; analysis of data, and make recommendation to ownership for final selection of site with supporting documentation.

Obtain project entitlements, enterprise zones and permits that may require meetings with local jurisdictions to negotiate financial incentives and also resolve outstanding issues.

Oversee RFP and contracting process for architects, engineers, contractors, and other project consultants with recommendation given to ownership.

Identify potential project risks and develop mitigation strategies, communicate with appropriate stakeholders.

Perform construction management, contract administration and project management duties while keeping a sharp focus on scope and schedule creep, budget, safety, and cost control

The Director of Construction & Project Management will lead and manage review processes, resolve outstanding issues, provide advice and consultation in the planning, engineering, design, construction and execution phases of the project in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.

Presence will be required at the construction site to participate, oversee, advise and consult in regard to contract execution, milestone achievement and where applicable the GC and/or project supervisor is on target for completion.

Experience and ability to lead simultaneous construction efforts on multiple properties/projects.

Develop and implement a project management system which ensures fiduciary responsibility, strategic alignment and customer satisfaction (throughout renovation life cycle).

The Director of Construction & Project Management will develop standardized/centralized processes and systems for the RFP process for construction.

Create a process for construction projects to be delivered on time, on budget, and meets operational and customer needs.

Develop and manage a standardized capital budgeting and approval process for construction project expenses. Create an effective estimation system to support additional expenses to project to effectively stay on top of expenditures. Prepare and submit monthly invoices, budget, estimates progress and cost tracking reports. Keep ownership informed on ongoing basis.

Develop a system to identify and manage risk. Develop plans and measures to minimize and mitigate the potential risks.

Create, maintain, and manage the master Construction Projects schedule, including critical milestones. Publish and communicate broadly to stakeholders impacted by the project. Minimize impact to hotel operations.

Attend, participate and/or lead meetings with leadership, project manager/teams, architect and engineers.

The Director of Construction & Project Management will assist in the development of Premier Hospitality Management Inc. construction policies and procedures to achieve standardization for future projects and to institutionalize information for future use when necessary.