Stockroom Attendant

Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore - Munising, MI

Full-timeEstimated: $16,000 - $23,000 a year
Responsible for putting away new inventory in systematic manner.

Major Responsibilities: Are not limited to, and may include all or some of the responsibilities listed below:

  • Checking new inventory on packing slips as it arrives to make sure everything has been delivered and is in expected condition.
  • Be available on Tuesday and Friday mornings when largest inventory from Gordon Food Service and Jilbert’s Dairy arrives.
  • Uses systematic, manager outlined approach to putting away new inventory (for example, freezer items first, paper good last).
  • Follows guidelines for rotating items to ensure newest inventory is used after previously received inventory.
  • Follows guidelines for discarding or recycling of cardboard and other packing materials.
  • Ensures items are put in designated, labeled locations so staff can find items easily.
  • Keeps stock areas neat and clean.
  • May work alongside another stockroom attendant to complete duties. Orders are very large and require fast processing so frozen or refrigerated items are put away quickly to prevent thawing.
  • May also have duties related to packaging food items, for example, dividing lunch meats into 4 ounce portions.
Knowledge and Skills

  • Might be suitable for someone who enjoys restaurant/retail work in busy tourist location but without interacting with customers
  • Flexibility; Ability to be comfortable with changes in assigned tasks
  • Able to collaborate and work in a team.
  • Hard working mind set
  • Professional manner; on time, follows directions, complies with company rules
  • Necessary qualities are a dedication to hard work, integrity and trustworthiness, and the ability to follow leader/manager’s instructions
Essential Physical Requirements

  • Ability to stand, climb stairs, and or walk during entire shift
  • Shifts vary from 4-8 hour shifts.
  • Inventory arrives on 1 st floor and needs to be carried down to basement. Needs to be able to carry up to 20 lbs without difficulty.
  • Shifts and start times are approximately 6 am on Tuesday and Friday morning. Depending on skills and experience, this position may be combined with other position at this establishment so employee can gain full time hours.