Senior/Staff Scientist

Inscripta - Boulder, CO

Inscripta is developing the world's first scalable platform for benchtop Digital Genome Engineering. The company’s advanced CRISPR-based platform, consisting of an instrument, reagents, and software, will offer a fully automated workflow that enables multiplexed, trackable editing of cells at an unprecedented scale. Inscripta’s goal is to empower scientists whose gene editing research is stifled by current technical and licensing limitations. By providing this unique platform and engaging in collaborative business practices, such as making its MAD7 CRISPR nuclease free for research purposes, the company enables scientists to realize a new era of biological discovery. Due to rapid growth Inscripta has an opening for a Sr. Scientist/Staff Scientist in our Cell Biology-Mammalian Department located our Boulder Colorado office.

We are searching for a highly motivated and productive Sr./Staff Scientist to be a key member of our R&D team supporting advancement of genome engineering in Cell Biology-Mammalian. The successful candidate will creatively design and perform laboratory experiments related to new product development of research reagents for gene editing and genomic-analysis consumable devices that enable leading-edge research.

  • Laboratory Work (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and/or Biochemistry): Perform and train standard techniques (e.g., mammalian cell culture transfection/transduction, RT-PCR/qPCR, nucleic acid purification, high throughput cloning, in vitro transcription, Next-Generation Sequencing); implement and design new techniques when required, then subsequently train.
  • Technical Execution and Strategy: Develop innovative research plans; design, implement and execute critical experiments associated with a research plan; document experimental design and results in a lab notebook; analyze and organize data to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Leadership: Motivate others, model professional behavior, and promote company values within and among departments. Follow company processes to resolve issues.
  • Communication skills: Effectively communicate (both written and oral) internally with scientists and departments outside R&D.
  • Teamwork: Work collaboratively within a team to complete projects. Provide tactical input for other projects.
  • Ph.D. in biotechnology, engineering, molecular biology or equivalent with at least 6 years of post-doctorate experience.
  • Expertise in genomic repair pathways (e.g., NHEJ, HR/HDR).
  • Experience in molecular and cellular biology techniques including sequencing, molecular cloning and cell culture.
  • Proven track record of problem-solving ability, creative solutions and effective troubleshooting in a lab environment.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience in product development/launch.
  • Strong background in NGS and high-throughput assay design.
  • Experience with the following Molecular Biology concepts, techniques and procedures
  • Gene Editing/Genome Engineering (CRISPR-Cas knockout, CRISPR-Cas knock-in)
  • Gene Modulation (CRISPRa, CRISPRi, RNAi, over-expression)
  • Demonstrated record of innovation in molecular or cell biology.
  • Excellent communication (both written and oral) and listening skills.
  • Experience with research collaborations.
  • Highly organized with aptitude to execute on multiple projects efficiently and maintain attention to detail.
  • Self-starter, energizing and results oriented.
Inscripta offers a competitive base salary, bonus plan, benefits package and stock options to all team members. Join us and work with a great team of people developing the world's first scalable platform for benchtop Digital Genome Engineering. Inscripta is headquartered in Boulder, CO with offices in Pleasanton and San Diego, CA. This position is located in our Boulder location.