Corporate Counsel

The Pasha Group - San Rafael, CA4.0

The Corporate Counsel performs a wide variety of functions related to the legal affairs of The Pasha Group and its multiple divisions, as well as affiliated companies in which the company holds an interest.

Goals & Objectives:
Prepares timely, accurate, high quality business documents, contracts, and other work product necessary to meet business needs.
Coordinates and supervises prudent use of outside resources to complete work within required timeframes.
Proactively supports diverse business units with compliance, business practices and awareness of laws and regulations affecting operations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Provide positive leadership and constructive and practical counseling for The Pasha Group and its divisions.
Work closely with business units in preparing complex legal documents, including contracts, licenses, corporate documents, RFPs, letters, etc.
Work with outside counsel to handle issues requiring specific legal knowledge when judged advisable to protect the Company.
Consistently anticipate, provide timely evaluation, propose mitigation strategies for and advise management of potential risk in contractual, regulatory, compliance, and legal areas.
Review contracts (e.g.: services agreements, purchase/sale of businesses, MOUs, letters of intent, transportation agreements of all kinds, and lease agreements) for legal issues and insurance coverage points.
Assist in the development of tariffs, transportation agreements, bills of lading, and other forms of contracts that protect the Company; work with business units to address modification of forms requested by customers/suppliers.
Supervise outside counsel representing the Company in prosecution or defense of the Company in anticipation of or in litigation.
Develop, implement, improve and review legal and compliance processes, procedures and training.
Keep abreast of industry developments by reviewing trade journals and publications and by attendance at seminars and conventions.
Assist the business units in ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations affecting their operations.
Ensure the General Counsel is fully briefed on legal issues affecting the Company.
Other duties as assigned.

Education, Experience & Certification Requirements:
Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from an accredited college or university
Active membership in the State Bar of California
14+ years of commercial law experience at a premier law firm and/or corporate legal department
Experience in a broad range of commercial contracts, issues and arbitrations
Corporate legal experience relevant to the Company’s Transportation & Logistics industry strongly preferred
Experience with human resources and labor relations issues, including benefits issues preferred

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge:
Ability to handle a broad range of general legal matters and work effectively with all levels of business unit personnel in a fast-paced environment
Current, working knowledge of laws, regulations and ordinances in the transportation and logistics industries.
Excellent analytical and strategic business decision making/problem solving skills
Ability to develop strong relationships with internal business units as well as with management
Ability to provide sound legal advice to implement business goals pragmatically
Strong communication skills, including formal presentation skills and ability to craft communications appropriate to the designated audience
Self-discipline, results-orientation, and ability to learn quickly
Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work both independently and as a member of a team
Demonstrated proficiency with software/systems at the following levels:
Microsoft Word, Outlook: Intermediate level of skill
PowerPoint: Basic level of skill
Westlaw: High level of skill

Key Success Factors:
Analytical Thinking: Utilizes logical, systematic, and sequential approach. Notices discrepancies and inconsistencies in available information. Identifies relevant features, parameters, or considerations affecting analysis and decision making. Weighs the costs, benefits, risks, and chances of success in making a decision. Performs effective root cause analysis.
Delivers Results: Rigorously drives self and others to achieve high levels of individual and organization performance. Ensures that required outcomes are achieved through planning, communication, measurement, and drive for results. Maintains awareness of effectiveness and performance through communications and performance measures. Keeps manager and colleagues apprised of progress, issues, and potential problems as appropriate. Takes full responsibility for results.
Diagnostic Information Gathering: Identifies the specific information needed to clarify a situation or to make a decision. Probes skillfully to obtain relevant, reliable information. Anticipates reactions to situations and information and plans accordingly.
Effective Communication: Prepares and delivers concise, timely and persuasive communications. Actively listens to others and promotes open exchange of ideas and opinions. Tailors communication style to audience and purpose.
Making Sound Business Decisions: Makes timely and well-informed decisions that advance critical priorities, capitalize on new opportunities, and resolve problems.
Relationship Management: Drives positive employee morale, engagement, and corporate culture. Establishes professional relationships inside and outside of the organization that enhances the level of cooperation, collaboration, and trust.
Thinking and Acting Strategically: Anticipates business opportunities and challenges and drives long-term strategies while maintaining a focus on shorter-term objectives. Anticipates the implications and consequences of situations and takes appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies. Notices trends in the industry and develops plans to prepare for opportunities or problems.

Performance Measures:
The Corporate Counsel will be measured on the key success factors and meeting the goals and objectives stated above, as well as achievement of individual and departmental goals and initiatives.

Job Fit:
This role involves the timely execution of a large volume of detailed work. Accuracy, prioritization, and effective resource management is essential to the success of this role. Includes a broad variety of work for diverse operations across multiple locations.

Business needs may sometimes require work and/or travel schedules that include nights, weekends and/or holidays.

Physical Demands:
Position functions in an office environment. Travel required: <10%. Must be able to travel independently.