Administrative Program Coordinator

UCONN Health Center - Farmington, CT (30+ days ago)4.0

Primary focus of this position is to provide program coordination to the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Stage 1 courses Case Oriented Essentials (COrE) and Fabric of Anatomy and Biology Lab (FabLab).

Course Curriculum Coordination (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Collect Faculty COIs for Course (Teaching, Development, and Grading); work with course director on reviewing and signing of on faculty COI; posting to HuskyCT any conflicts disclosures.

Upload and Maintain Oasis Course Catalog (includes Course Details, Course Objectives, Contact information, etc.)

Upload and maintain session “activity” learning objectives in Oasis

Coordinate Course information is consistent in HuskyCT and Oasis

Upload and maintain Curriculum Schedules in Oasis (curriculum database)

Assist Course Faculty with curriculum tags for keywords with regards to input in Oasis the curriculum database

Coordinate and maintain course booklists and supply updated information to the bookstore as needed

Monitor course enrollments as needed to make sure students are properly enrolled in the course for schedules and course content; outside of bulk uploads; enroll students as needed.

Create and adjust as needed student groups; upload for schedules and content systems as needed.

Course Schedule & Upload (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Collect & Import Oasis Session Import Template by Block

Maintain and be aware of the current student enrollments in your course (those that come in/out)

Identify Number of Small Breakout Rooms needed for each session

Identify & Create Student Group for conferences and/or sessions and make group assignment in Oasis

Collect faculty names that are teaching those activities (first and last names)

Collect a list of visiting faculty that will need parking vouchers and when they will be on campus

Collect and make arrangements for any orientations that need to be set up, such as Lab/ Anatomy Orientation, etc. (activities outside of the schedule)

Collect any other instructions or assistance with materials needed

Identify any requests for special AV needs as needed for your course sessions and make the appropriate arraignments.

Identify or collect any other special needs or assistance as needed and make arrangements, etc.

Identify course sessions in which you must attend to assist with session logistics

Clinical Onboarding

Communicate with clinical sites regarding student information

Ensure compliance with any site requirements

Work with Clinical Education in placing any visiting students

Course Content & Upload (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Collect & upload course session materials to HuskyCT

Assist Course Faculty with content placement on HuskyCT within the MDelta course template

Maintain content as needed

Post course announcement on HuskyCT course as requested by Course Faculty

Course Material & Document Preparation (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Collecting session activity materials needed

Reproduction and Printing of session materials

Ordering supplies as needed

Organize, maintain, and track any supplies needed on a continual-basis

Course Room Scheduling (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Work with the central scheduler to schedule your rooms and break out rooms needed

Make arrangements for AV support needed with the appropriate IT group (TBD)

Identify special AV requirements are articulate those to central scheduler in order to be scheduled into a room that is equipped for your needs

Use Oasis course session template to identify rooms to be uploaded with schedule

Course Evaluation & Assessment (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)


Identify and work with the Assessment office to set up on course surveys and/or evaluations (faculty/student/course evaluations, etc.) Preform assignments of evaluations and tracking of completions as required.

Identify and track your students that have testing accommodation during your course for low stakes examinations

Work with the Course Director on low stakes examinations; iRATs, tRATS, quizzes; includes data entry of questions into HuskyCT, and basics assessment build and implementation, and score collection, reporting

Work with the Course Director and Assessment Office with high stakes examinations

Attending TBL sessions for administrative support and day of logistics of sessions

Proctor course exams or quizzes as required; be day of admin support of session logistics

Course Grades & Reporting (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Identify and create course gradebook, include any reportable examination fields for scores and final grade.

Upload exam or quiz scores to course gradebook in Oasis

Upload final course grades into course gradebook in Oasis

Prepare reports for Course Grading Committee

Coordinate and schedule Course Grading Committees for your course

Attend Course Grading Committee to take minutes and to draft any grading letters for students

Misc Course Committee Admin Support & Coordination (tasks are not limited to what is identified below)

Assist the course committee and/or course director with related scheduling of committees for the course (such as the course development committee, course grading committee, etc.)

If requested to attend meeting and take minutes or be admin support

Send out course committee announcements, invites, and other logistical support needed

Assist with the coordination of other curricular requirements such as but not limited to: scholarship, global health, student research, awards ceremonies, community involvement, orientations, electives, on-boarding, committee support, etc.

Minimum Qualifications Required

Knowledge, Skill and Ability

Knowledge of applicable program rules and regulations; knowledge of business math; considerable knowledge of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling; considerable knowledge of business communications; knowledge of medical/technical terminology; considerable knowledge of office procedures; considerable interpersonal skills; ability to trouble shoot effectively; data management skills; ability to schedule and prioritize work; some supervisory ability; demonstrated ability to worK directly with students and faculty; demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality; demonstrated ability to multi-task and coordinate several multi-faceted projects simultaneously.

Experience and Training:
General Experience

Six (6) years relevant administrative experience.

Substitutions Allowed

Bachelor's degree and two (2) years of relevant experience may be substituted to the general experience.

Special Requirements

Considerable knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

2 years relevant work experience in higher education working with degree programs

Preferred Requirements

Experience with Databases, including Blackboard and Oasis

Proficiency with student on-boarding and orientation

Experience working with students in Graduate or Undergraduate Medical Education

SCHEDULE: 40 hour work week; Monday hrough Friday, 7:30am - 4pm; 30 minute unpaid meal break.