Teacher - AKW Karnes (3132)

BCFS - Karnes City, TX3.7

Full-timeEstimated: $27,000 - $37,000 a year
It's a great feeling to work for a company that does so much good for others around the world!

BCFS Education Services is part of a global system of health and human service non-profit organizations led by BCFS and is focused on advancing school readiness and ensuring families have the necessary tools to give their children a Head Start toward a lifetime of learning. Our team of compassionate educators and innovative leaders believe every child is unique and has the potential to be successful and make a positive impact in our world.

Reports to: BCFS Education Services Center Director

Status (Pay Grade): Exempt – Full Time (Teacher I/II commensurate with education)

Minimum Qualifications:
Head Start Teachers: Bachelor’s degree.
Two (2) years of experience in an early childhood classroom.
Valid driver’s license and work eligibility status.
Pass a criminal and driving background check.

For Early Head Start Teachers:
Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or comparable credential.
Training or equivalent coursework in early childhood development with a focus on infant and toddler development.
Valid driver’s license and work eligibility status.
Pass a criminal and driving background check

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education
Bi-lingual (Spanish)

Critical Action Items:
1. Ensure staff, consultants, contractors, and volunteers protect the physical and mental health and safety of our children and no child is left alone or unsupervised while under our care. (HSPPS §1302.90)

2. Provide responsive care, effective teaching, and an organized learning environment that promotes healthy development and children’s skill growth aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five, including children with disabilities. (HSPPS §1302.31)

3. Use prescribed curricula to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences in language, literacy, social and emotional development, math, science, social studies, creative arts, and physical development, and integrate child assessment data in individual and group planning. (HSPPS §1302.31, 1302.32)

4. Contribute to and support screenings, assessments, and ongoing evaluation of the child’s developmental level and progress in outcomes. (HSPPS §1302.33)

5. Provide and support opportunities for parents and family members to engage in their child’s development and in program services, including but not limited to parent conferences and group activities. (HSPPS §1302.34)

6. Follow appropriate practices to keep children safe during all activities, including reporting at a minimum suspected or known child abuse and neglect, appropriate supervision of children at all times; and all standards of conduct. (HSPPS §1302.47, §1302.90)

7. Comply with positive adult-child interactions as measured by the CLASS: Pre-K instrument. (HSPPS §1304.16)

8. Complete minimum training requirements as specified in state and federal standards. (HSPPS §1302.92)

Other Responsibilities:
1. Incorporate age-appropriate equipment, materials, supplies and physical space for indoor and outdoor learning environments, including functional space, and change materials periodically to support children’s evolving interests and development.

2. Respond to classroom observations through modifications to teaching strategies and lesson plans in accordance with prescribed curricula.

3. Identify potential interference with a child’s development and school readiness and coordinate with education, family, mental health and/or child development professional program staff to address identified needs.

4. Participate in school functions, scheduled meetings and team decision and operations.

5. Work collaboratively with other staff members, service providers and professionals.

6. Maintain confidentiality in all areas of child and program operations.

7. Perform other job duties as assigned.

Measurable Deliverables:
1. Regular communication with parents ensures they are well-informed about their child’s routine, classroom activities, behavior, and progress.

2. Child files, classroom forms, and other documentation is compliant, current, and organized.

3. The classroom is free from physical and environmental hazards.

4. Incident reporting occurs within the timeframes designated in program policy and protocol.

1. Demonstrate the ability to respond sensitively and competently to the service population’s cultural and socio-economic characteristics.

2. Communicate in writing and verbally in English and Spanish (preferred).

3. Demonstrated ability to maintain emotional control and professional composure at all times.

4. Maintain computer literacy required to meet the responsibilities of the position.

5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of all BCFS Education Services policies and procedures.

6. Ability to organize and prioritize duties and responsibilities in a fast-paced environment.

7. Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights, holidays, and weekends.

8. Ability to work independently.


1. Language Skills

2. Language

3. Base Language

4. Job Post Language

English (United States)

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