IVD Research Associate (ADX-29-18)

ArcherDX, INC. - Boulder, CO

The Clinical Research Associate will be responsible for processing customer, clinical, and in-house samples through Archer NGS workflows, from semi-automated to manual sample purification through data analysis, in high volume. The Research Associate will plan, contribute to experimental design, execute experiments, and analyze data for these responsibilities with only high-level guidance and deliver reports according to deadlines. The Research Associate is expected to lead the production of high-level data summaries upon project/sample completion that effectively and concisely communicate relevant findings for the study. The Research Associate will also assist with other Research and Development activities as needed included but not limited to formulation optimization, QC, QA report filing, and equipment maintenance. The position is expected to keep detailed experimental records and communicate data to supervisors and peers in a thorough and honest manner.

Job performance will involve a variety of activities including:
Plan, execute, and analyze experiments
Interpret scientific results and provide recommendations for moving forward
Consolidate and communicate results to scientists, project leaders, or customers
Maintain detailed and up-to-date lab notebooks, sample inventories, etc.
Communicate feasibility of deadlines set for CDx projects
Meet deadlines and drive projects forward
Idea generation to improve existing technology and drive future technology
Additional duties as assigned

Experience in a CLIA or CAP setting (preferrred)
2-5+ years of laboratory experience
1+ years in an industry setting (preferred)
Proficient familiarity with common molecular biology techniques

Key Attributes
Drive and determination
Demonstrated scientific problem solving skills
Ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment
Ability to participate with others as a member of the team; ensure that demanding and difficult projects are handled smoothly and cooperatively; enhance the success of the projects and maintain strong relationships within all parts of the company.
Strong communication and presentation skills
Self starter
Detail oriented
Driven to perform
Self directed: needs little explicit direction and no hand holding
Able to organize, prioritize, and communicate tasks to efficiently move projects forward.
Clear, accurate, and honest

BS/MS/PhD in biochemistry or related field and/or equivalent combination of education and experience