VP Engineering

Steady - Atlanta, GA

Full-timeEstimated: $150,000 - $210,000 a year

Position reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

Steady is seeking a VP of Engineering that will help the company create world class web and mobile applications and ensure that these applications scale, perform and excel in their intended use. The ideal candidate will be familiar with web, iOS and Android development as well as backend development. The candidate will have a proven ability to work with others in a fast-paced environment with a great culture. The VP of Engineering will be creative and able to communicate ideas in an interactive fashion and lead by example.

Core aspects of the role include…

Act as a player-coach on key engineering initiatives. Bring incredible level of expertise in mobile architecture (iOS and/or Android), UI development, and API integrations.
Work with CTO to double engineering organization headcount over the next 18-24 months.
Wake up each morning focused on how Company will have the best engineering team, platform, tools and processes to efficiently scale with confidence.
Primary responsibilities….

Work in an Agile environmentand help improve the development process with a focus on speed and quality of delivery.
Design and implement a scalable mobile architecture for both iOS and Android.
Define patterns and implement toolsthat allow reuse across platforms where needed (React Native as an example).
Troubleshoot and fix issuesin a fast, efficient and professional manner.
Understand and integrate leading edge marketing tools that allow the company to gather data on their mobile applications and use this data to reach out to their users.
Enhance applications based on feedbackfrom our users and update their applications in response to user needs including usability and function.
Implement a consistent and usable UIacross all channels and work closely with the create design team.
Integrate third party SDKs and APIsas well as work with internal team to design and implement custom APIs.
Manage teamof talented IOS and Android developers. Lead by example in a player-coach role.
Application development and maintenanceincluding across customer management, optimization, data & analytics, content, and consumer marketing.
Establish engineering processesfor software development metrics, DevOps, quantitative techniques and quality control. “Keeping the trains running on time” is a function of good project management that includes transparency, holding people accountable, and looking for problems early.
Manage the software development lifecycleby collaborating across teams to evolve SDLC including functional requirements analysis, design specification, technical code review, project planning, and implementation of applications and systems. Work with engineering team to further develop core technology, including active participation in the design / architecture of new solutions, and the refinement of existing code.
Manage the selection and interdependenciesof programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, internet-cloud, web-application servers, databases, and mobile.

8+ years of software engineering experience.
5+ years of development experience specializing in B2C mobile application delivery utilizing iOS and Android development platforms in a leadership role.
Ability to own and manage multiple concurrent projects, including presenting and negotiating with stakeholders on the interdependencies and possibilities of what can realistically be delivered.
Experience working in Fintech industry a plus.
Understanding and experience building highly scalable, highly available systems.
Experience building technology for secure environments that contain sensitive information (e.g., consumer profiles, financial information, regulatory filings, etc.).
Experience with a broad range of systems, APIs, protocols, and standards.
Experience with leveraging data into technology platforms.
Responsibility for product delivery and management including development tools and technologies, release and version control, contemporary testing methodologies, and deployment management.
Expert at spotting talent and passionate about growing world class engineers on your team.
Proven experience working in a rapidly evolving startup environment.
EDUCATION: Undergraduate degree in Computer Science (or similar) is required; Advanced degree preferred.

Your team loves working for you. Your colleagues love working with you. Your CTO wants you to grow into their role.
You get deep in the details and understand the business. You don’t just want to manage; you want to actively participate at all levels of building the company; you are a player-coach and enjoy it.
You love learning about the business and solving business problems as much as you love technology.
You are willing to adapt as situations change. You are comfortable with ambiguity and constant change.
Strong bias for action. You can’t imagine leaving for tomorrow what could be done today.
You are personally highly data-driven, and make sure your team understands the “why” behind “what” theyare building, as well as “how” they are going to measure, to understand success.
You are collaborative but can make quick and decisive decisions.
You are a great, intuitive communicator at all levels from board presentations to one on one coaching sessions.
You have a deep willingness to learn. Nobody knows everything and you are comfortable with that and willing to put in the work to acquire new skills as needed.