Hyatt Regency Princeton - Princeton, NJ4.1

Full-timeEstimated: $37,000 - $49,000 a year
This is the job description for TELEPHONE OPERATOR


Job Title: PBX Telephone Operator
Department: Front Desk
Company: Dimension Development
Reports To: Front Office Manager
Supervises: N/A
Job Description Date: May 1, 2014
Job Purpose: To operate hotel’s switchboard to relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls and to provide a professional, prompt, and friendly telephone and message service to the hotel guests and staff, and to project an image of reliability and professionalism through such services.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Maintains a professional attitude towards customers and employees and continuously is aware that a phone conversation is the first impression most people have of the hotel.
2. Answers all incoming calls and routes them accordingly and does so in a timely, professional and polite manner. Also, handles all paging and radio communications in a similar manner.
3. Assists in filing of folios, registration cards, etc. on a daily basis.
4. Keeps alphabetical telephone guest index current and accurate, denoting checked out guests from check in and stay over guests in the appropriate manner.
5. May supply information to callers and record messages.
6. May keep record of calls placed and toll charges.
7. May perform clerical duties, such as typing, proofreading, and sorting mail.
8. May operate system of bells or buzzers to call individuals in establishment to phone.
9. Other duties as assigned.

Job Skills:
1. Speak clearly and listen carefully.
2. Use personal judgment and specialized knowledge to give information to people.
3. Change easily and frequently from one activity to another such as from typing to searching in a directory, to using a telephone.
4. Use eyes, hands, and fingers accurately while operating a switchboard or computer keyboard.
Job Qualifications: Describe the minimum qualifications needed to complete the job responsibilities.
Education HS Diploma or equivalent
Experience None required
Licenses/Certifications N/A
Management Activities: Check all that apply
Interview, select and train associates
Set and adjust associates’ rates of pay and hours of work
Direct the work of associates
Appraise associates’ productivity and efficiency for purpose of recommending promotions or other changes in status
Handle associate complaints
Discipline associates
Plan the work
Determine the techniques to be used
Apportion the work among associates
Determine types of materials, supplies, machinery, equipment/tools used or merchandise to be bought, stocked & sold
Control the flow and distribution of materials or merchandise and supplies
Provide for the safety and security of the employees or the property
Plan and control the budget
Monitor or implement legal compliance measures
Customarily and regularly direct the work of at least 2 or more full-time associates or their equivalent (1 full-time associate at 40 and 2 half-time associates at 20 hours each, are equivalent to 2 full-time associates).
Authority to hire or fire other associates, or makes suggestions and recommendations as to the hiring, firing , advancement, promotion or any other change of status of other associates are given particular weight.

Discretion & Independent Judgment: Answer all questions and provide multiple specific examples.
Question Answer (If yes, give multiple examples)
Does this position have authority to formulate, affect, interpret, or implement management policies or operating practices? No
Does this position have authority to commit the employer in matters that have significant financial impact? No
Does this position have authority to waive or deviate from established policies and procedures without prior approval? No
Does this position have authority to negotiate and bind the company on significant matters? No
Is this position involved in planning long or short-term business objectives? No
Does this position represent the company in handling complaints, arbitrating disputes or resolving grievances? No
Does this position have authority to make an independent choice, free from immediate direction or supervision or make decisions or recommendations that may occasionally be reviewed, revised or reversed? No
Physical Requirements: Indicate requirements that are representative of those that must be met to successfully perform the essential duties of this job. Working Conditions: Indicate the environmental aspects of the job.
Ability to speak and hear. Close and distance vision. Frequent sitting with some walking and standing. Frequently lifts/carries up to 10 lbs. Continual use of manual dexterity and gross motor skills with frequent use of bi-manual dexterity and fine motor skills. Continually works in normal office conditions and in close proximity to others.
Additional physical and visual requirements (check all that apply) Additional working conditions (check all that apply)
Identify and distinguish colors Outdoor weather conditions
X Stand for long periods of time Extreme cold (non-weather)
Walk extended distances Extreme heat (non-weather)
Lift/carry 6-25 lbs. Wet or humid conditions
Lift/carry 26-50 lbs. Near moving or mechanical parts
Lift/carry over 50 lbs. On high precarious places
Reach hands and arms in any direction With fumes or airborne particles
Kneel and/or stoop repeatedly Near toxic or caustic chemicals
X Able to work overtime and/or irregular hours Near risk of electrical shock
Near loud noises
In areas of strong vibration

For HR Department Use Only
Final Job Title: PBX Telephone Operator Approved FLSA Status: Non-exempt
Approved Job Grade: Date Job Evaluated: May 1, 2014
I have been given the opportunity to review this position description and have discussed the requirements of the position with the hiring supervisor. I understand this position description represents the minimum performance requirements of the job.
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Supervisor: ____________________________ Date: _______________