School BCaBA or BCBA - $2300+ Weekly - Work with a BCBA-D

Full Spectrum ABA - Spring Hill, FL


This position works alongside Dr. Terry Blackmon, BCBA-D.

Full Spectrum ABA is Florida’s Premier Leader in Educational Applied Behavior Analysis. Now with nearly 100 schools and facilities across the State, providing ample hour availability in collaborative locales. We are run by BCBA-D’s with a heart for quality clinical care and professional development, and have the structure and support to ensure any BCBA soars to their peak potential.

Monthly supervision and professional development meetings are run by our renown BCBA-D’s, ensuring supervision for our techs and further learning opportunities for our analysts over dinner and wine.

Easily work 40+ Hours working in schools, facilities, and early intervention settings; earn top-dollar while growing as an analyst.

Meet our BCBA-D’s:

See our video Job Ad:

Come join Full Spectrum ABA’s  PGP Program — Professionals Grooming Professionals –Full Spectrum will assign you a Mentor  (one of our Clinical Directors or BCBA-Ds). They will show you everything you need to know and will guide you in developing top quality FBAs and BASPs. They will teach you new assessments, work alongside you with clients, and help shepherd your growth in the field.  Our goals are to aid in the development of great analysts and build strong relationships, all while changing lives. See a video about one of our PGP Success Stories here:

Our model allows for the following benefits:

  • Monthly Supervision and Professional Development Groups – Run by our BCBA-D’s in Leadership.
  • Significant collaboration – Don’t practice ABA on an island!
  • Consistent guaranteed hour availability  – School/Facility based work means cancellations don’t impact hours.
  • Professional development under our BCBA-D’s– With over 100 years of combined University teaching and research experience in ABA. Earn and grow!
  • School + facility experience – Learn the ropes of managing campus-based services alongside other skilled BCBAs and BCBA-D’s.
  • Full Practice Management – Billing is streamlined, certifications are tracked and reminders sent when it’s time to renew,  NEVER HAVE TO USE PROVIDER CONNECT  (Full Service admins do it all).
  • Regionalized client bases and Directors –  Designated zones means constant traveling goes the way of the Dodo bird.
  • PGP Mentorship –  Professionals Grooming Professionals -  A BCBA in leadership will be assigned as your official mentor with the company, soft-stepping you into our service model and aiding you with questions on clients or structure.
  • Cutting edge technology – WebABA and Catalyst all are purchased company-wide. These technologies streamline both billing (WebABA) and indirect paperwork and allow the now flat-rate BASPs to be finished quickly and efficiently. FSBA’s Geo-location technology links regions and clients seamlessly.
  • Company-wide parties –  We all know  Behavior Analysts love reinforcement. At FSBA, we throw all-inclusive parties in downtown Ybor City. Parties include  5-Star Dining, top shelf open bar, hotels covered  for all our staff outside of the Tampa area, and tickets to a variety of events.  Recent events include  the Haunted Hotel Halloween Party, and the  Endless Nights Vampire Masquerade. Everyone is allowed to bring a +1, and the whole family paints the town green (FSBA’s colors, of course). Come join the fun!
  • CPA Guidance –  Due to the earning potential of this position, Full Spectrum provides free consultation with an independent CPA.  Learn how to structure your finances to maximize your earnings and minimize your tax liability.  The Tax Cuts are finalized; you have no reason to handicap your earning potential by remaining someone’s employee.  Learn about setting up a LLC to reap extensive tax benefits. Make over six-figures in earnings and minimize your tax liability.  Earn what an expert in Behavior Analysis deserves.

Pay/Benefits: Medicaid, Private insurance, and Private pay sources of clients. Analyst payout varies with funding source and experience.

BCBA-D — $64-$105/hr(Depending on experience and funding source)

BCBA — $57.50/hr-$85/hr(Depending on experience and funding source)

BCaBA— $32/hr-$37/hr (Depending on experience and funding source)

Tricare Clients net $85+hr BCBA

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $57.50 to $85.00 /hour


  • BCBA or BCaBA (Preferred)