Water Meter Service Worker

City of Lubbock, TX - Lubbock, TX2.8

Full-time$28,000 a year
Provides field customer services to water utility customers. Installs and maintains water meters. Assesses and diagnoses problems and potential problems that can impact the public water supply. Position requires shift work and on call duty. Serves as first responders to all other staff and crews within the utility.

Respond to any emergency situation which has the potential to adversely impact customers or the public water supply system. Respond as required anytime during the day or night, and in adverse weather conditions;
Accurately assess and diagnose any customer concerns related to the City's public water supply. This may include, but is not limited to, low pressure, unclear water, high bills, and non-functioning meters;
Accurately assess and diagnose damage or potential damage related to the water/wastewater system, or customer's system. Repair any damage when possible. Damage may include but is not limited to: leaks, hit lines, damaged meter boxes, and damaged fire hydrants;
Accurately assess and diagnose any potential cross connection or backflow that would adversely impact the public water supply;
Keep an accurate and verifiable record of all calls received and duties performed;
Install meters removed due to non-payment and on new construction sites;
Remove meters that are no longer functioning properly. Assess and diagnose meters to determine accuracy of readings. Remove meters that do not appear to be functioning properly. Assist with the City's water meter maintenance program suggested by the American Water Works Association by removing meters that are over 10 years old;
Remove meters due to non-payment. Use diplomacy and tact in dealing with these situations;
Locate the City's water and sewer lines and valves;
Accurately assess and determine the businesses and/or homeowners served by a given meter.
Perform related duties as required.

Completion of a high school diploma or the equivalent with an additional two years experience in plumbing or related repair work; or any combination of relevant education and experience which provides the following:

Valid Current Driver's License
Physical Exam Required
Customer Service Inspector
If no previous experience, a Class D water distribution license issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) must be obtained within 12 months of eligibility. If existing experience, at the direction of the supervisor, either a Class C water distribution license or Class D water distribution license will be required within 12 months after eligibility. Eligibility is defined as the completion of TCEQ required classes necessary to test.

Knowledge of:
A working knowledge of maintenance methods and procedures applicable to plumbing and/or water and wastewater systems;
Tools, methods, and procedures for diagnosing plumbing problems;
State and local laws and regulations governing public water systems.

Ability/skill to:
Accurately assess and diagnose plumbing related issues such as leaks, cross connections, low pressure, and unclear water;
Perform installation and removal of water meters;
Deal effectively with the public in a tactful manner while handling potentially hazardous situations;
Communicate positively and effectively with customers and co-workers;
Maintain accurate records;
Manage time and workload effectively with minimal supervision;
Obtain required licenses and certifications within required timeframe.

Physical Requirements:
Occasionally stand during shift;
Frequently walk during the shift;
Occasionally climb ladders, scaffolding, stairs or inclined surfaces;
Frequently bend and kneel;
Frequently lift and carry up to 25 pounds;
Occasionally lift and carry up to 75 pounds;
Frequently flex upper trunk forward at the waist and partially flex at the knees;
Occasionally rotate upper trunk to the right or left while sitting or standing;
Place arms at, and below, shoulder height;
Use hands and fingers to handle objects;
Coordinate eye, hand, and foot movements to operate a vehicle;
See in order to assess and diagnose system problems;
Frequently extend arms outward;
Frequently crawl.