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New Homes Sales Manager responsible for the daily operations of the design center and assist with management of the Sales Office. Duties include, but are not limited to:supervising, overseeing and supporting all personnel and activities related to options offered for new home construction. Ensure the consistence start of homes to maintain the expected production schedule.

Manage daily operations of the Design Center.

Supervise all Design Center staff: management includes interviewing, hiring, scheduling, training, counseling, performance appraisals, and all related supervisory functions.

Assist and Support Project Manager in managing the operations of the Sales Center:

Create, revise, and/or implement sales contracts, addendums and collateral materials as necessary.

Monitor and update signage and sales center displays as necessary.

Ensure models and sales centers are being maintained up to standard (physically walk models on a consistent basis).

Assist in monitoring sales, marketing and soft cost budgets. Control variable costs.

Review starts, permits, releases and construction status and follow up.

General problem solving/trouble shooting of homeowner, closing, and other issues.

Work as a team with Project Manager to problem solve and to provide solutions regarding a variety of issues from homeowners, realtors, construction, product, floorplans, sales, etc.

Review design files (Start Packages) prior to submitting to construction.

Resolve issues with Design Coordinators; correct errors and/or locate missing paperwork.

Coordinate weekly Options meetings; discuss a) changes to discontinued options and communication to home buyers effected by changes, b) questions, comments, and concerns of design team.

Review weekly sales reports. Recommend adjustments to sales strategy including pricing, premiums, lot releases, and new product.

Created and maintain effective internal reports for executive teams.

Ensure Spec houses are listed in MLS and are up to standards for immediate sale.

Execute contracts on behalf of company in absence of Project Manager.

Keep abreast of competition, research marketplace and shop competition.

Responsible for production, analysis and maintenance of weekly construction log for the orchestration of the production schedule as well as the timely processing and tracking of permit orders.

Managing and developing a productive construction schedule that keeps production moving and meets designated delivery dates given to buyers.

Monitor option offerings to stay current, periodically cull products that are not selling, arrange for replacement offerings.

Providing customer service and maintaining/building positive relationships with buyers, homeowners and the Realtor community.

All other related duties required to achieve desired results or assigned by management.

Experience and Skills:Education/Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree required: Major in Business, Marketing, or related field preferred.

Minimum two (2) years of progressively responsible sales management experience in the home building industry.

Heavy emphasis on selling and all sales related activities as well as knowledge of construction required.

Strong Customer Service skills - Ability to provide top-notch service striving for positive experience for home buyer within appropriate financial parameters.

Commitment -Initiative to provide quality service and product.

Proven leadership skills the ability to guide, direct, train and set an example for staff.

Decision Making and Problem Solving - Decisive and the ability to assimilate information and make sound decisions utilizing good judgment and common sense.

Sales - Ability to sell, assist staff in selling and perform a variety of sales related activities to ensure ultimate goal of closing homes.

Planning and organizing - Ability to establish a plan of action for self and others to accomplish goals.

Communication - Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

Proficient Computer skills required: Microsoft Office and Outlook. Knowledge of JDE a plus.

Ability to work flexible schedule and hours including nights and weekends.

The purpose of this job description is to give an overview of the duties, responsibilities and requirements of the Operations Manager position. This job description should be used as a guide and additional responsibilities and duties may be added to accommodate future business and management needs.

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