Scorekeeper (Statistician)

Los Angeles Hoopz - Torrance, CA

Part-timeEstimated: $31,000 - $43,000 a year
Duration: Part Time
Department: Rules & Regulations Committee
Supervisor: League Commissioner
Job Description: Arrive Fifteen (15) minutes prior to tip-off of scheduled game. Maintain an accurate account of all processes associated with the game. Have a strong understanding for the game of basketball on all divisional levels. Have strong communication and organization skills. File all scores, stats (team & player), timeouts, fouls (technical & personal), and timeouts on scorecard. Perform all other job related duties as assigned by League Commissioner.
Experience: Previous experience of statistician duties. Not required but preferred. Have a valid Social Security Number and driver's license.
Pay-Rate: $10.00
Openings: 2
Computer access and programming required