Licensed Child Care Center Director

Stepping Stones Early Child Development Center, Inc. - Dallas, TX




1. Know and be aware of the object and purpose of the Minimum Standards of the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, Child Care licensing division. Ensures that organization is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. Know and be aware of the SSECDC, Inc. Standard Operating Procedures, Personnel Policies, Parent Handbook & Transportation Handbook. Ensures that organization is in compliance with operating standards and procedures.

3. Thorough working knowledge of Mission Statement, Vision, Purpose and Goals of organization. Ensures that work objectives reflect said statements.

4. Know and be aware of laws and regulations governing the child care industry, including, but not limited to: TDFPS -- Abuse & Neglect, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Workforce Commission and U.S. Department of Labor. Ensures that organization is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

5. Report suspected abuse and neglect to the TDFPS and law enforcement as required by the Texas Family Code, as well as, SSECDC, Inc.

6. Implementation and oversight of adequate and efficient scientific based curriculum and lesson planning to match the needs of the populations and ages served from infants through twelve years of age.

7. Supervises all staff members to ensure safety and supervision of children, implementation of curriculum, efficiency in delivery of services.

8. Demonstrates physical, emotional and intellectual competencies necessary for self-control and good judgment when performing assigned responsibilities and delegating said responsibilities.

9. Interacts frequently with staff, children and parents to foster communication and establish good working relationships.

10. Efficiently allocates resources to ensure that budgetary goals are met and in compliance. This may include, but not be limited to: staffing, staffing patterns, staffing rations, center resources, center materials, transportation costs, etc.

11. Interacts with outside agencies and general public to ensure accurate representation of the facility, its purpose and its mission.

12. Maintain enrollment at adequate levels. Performs necessary marketing tasks to ensure that enrollment goals are maintained. This may include, but not limited to: flyers throughout targeted community areas, door-to-door cold calls, parent incentives for new business, enrollment incentives for new business, etc.

13. Develops and maintains processes and systems for all functional levels of services and programs. Establishes written documentation to support said processes.

14. Maintains premises within acceptable parameters and delay in repairing, building, plumbing, electrical, playground, etc.

15. Ensures that all documentation is in compliance with all standards.


1. Accurately matches staffs abilities and talents to: age group, ability to safely control and supervise designated age group, ability to effectively implement lesson plan and follow schedule.

2. Communicate with staff through:

➢ Ongoing observation and assessment including, but not limited to:

➢ Indoor, outdoor & field trip environments;

➢ Transportation;

➢ Weekly staff meetings;

➢ Tools , i.e. handouts, trainings, etc.

➢ Monthly meetings with each staff member to ensure continuity and implementation of program goals.

3. Supervise staff utilizing all tools to ensure adequacy of programs including transportation via: ➢ Schedules for work assignments;

➢ Schedules for transportation assignments;

➢ Monthly evaluations to establish goals and ensure meeting of said goals;

➢ Evaluation of efficiency of delivery of lesson plans and schedules.

4. Ensures that adequate materials and resources are available for the implementation and delivery of services. This may include, but not be limited to:

➢ Materials & Supplies;

➢ Groceries;

➢ Gasoline

5. Allow creativity, positive input and reflection in center activities.

6. Hold staff accountable for all rules and regulations governing child care center.

7. Demonstrate effective leadership skills to reach center goals, maximize outcomes for staff and maximize outcomes for children served.

8. Act as a mediator between staff and parents or staff and staff relationships when necessary to resolve any issues.

9. Promote a healthy drug-free work environment which fosters employee morale.

10. Foster opportunities inside and outside of center for continuing education.


1. Ensure each child's safety and supervision to prevent negative outcomes.

2. Treat all children equal, do not show favoritism.

3. Provide universally accepted learning opportunities to optimize each child's ability to be successful.

4. Provide multicultural experiences and field trips to ensure that children have opportunities to think outside the box.

5. Advocate for early literacy and the promotion of literacy within the scope of the curriculum and beyond when necessary.

6. Advocate for safety campaigns that promote child wellness to benefit the community e.g. "Look Before You Leave," "Buckle Up", and "Water Safety."

7. Non-discrimination of children with disabilities, physical, social/emotional within the abilities of the program to adequately serve them.

8. Compassion and respect for children as emotional and physical human beings.


1. Ensure safety and supervision of their child in a learning environment.

2. Effective communication via all tools available, including but not limited to: e-mail, written documentation, one-on-one verbal communication.


1. Efficiently administer a comprehensive 24 hour-a-day/ 7 day-a-week child care curriculum based on the organizations, vision and mission statement capturing the programs purpose and goals.

2. Ensures substantial program compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

3. Ensures fiscal constraint through designated budgetary measures to ensure that there are no misappropriations of funds including, but not limited to: all expenditures for center-including payroll, accountability for collected funds, billing third party billers and reconciling payments.

4. Bills and collects funds in a time efficient manner.

5. Program integrity and credibility.

6. Solicit Request for Proposals and Contracts as appropriate for programs and services delivered.

7. Ensure that community and general public are aware of center's existence and services offered.

8. Knowledgeable in current trends to foster creative child care environments that keep organization on the cutting edge of service delivery.

9. Performs all duties and assignments as delegated by the Executive Director.


1. High School Diploma.

2. Minimum of five years management experience in a licensed child care center.

3. Director's License issued by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, Child Care Licensing Division.

4. A minimum of thirty (30) clock hours per year with a minimum of twenty (20) clock hours units in management annually.


1. Must be able to lift a minimum of thirty pounds.

2. Must be able to walk a minimum of two miles without duress.

3. Must have an annual comprehensive physical to ensure that adequate health is maintained within acceptable medical parameters conducive to a full-time work environment.

4. Must have current TB Test showing that employee is free from tuberculosis.


1. Ability to multi-task and handle issues that may arise as a result of such.

2. Ability to rationally delegate tasks and assignments.

3. Ability to thrive under pressure and/or duress.

4. Ability to self-assess and re-direct.


1. Ability to communicate verbally using correct enunciation of the English language.

2. Ability to communicate in writing using correct English grammar.

3. Required to maintain a working residential telephone and/or cellular telephone so that the center may be in communications as necessary. COMPUTER


1. Ability to effectively and comprehensively utilize the Child Care Manager Software.

2. Ability to effectively and comprehensively utilize the designated electronic billing software for Child Care Services.

3. Working knowledge of Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

4. Working knowledge of the internet, educational websites, and the ability to download necessary materials and resources, and e-mailing functions.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • relevant: 5 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's (Required)


  • Dallas, TX 75227 (Required)


  • Texas Director's (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance