Teaching Fellow (Summer Boarding School in CHINA)

IDEAS Camp Education Consulting Co--CHINA - United States

ContractEstimated: $60,000 - $83,000 a year

(Compensation Package includes: $1000 stipend + paid travel to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing + room and board)

The position of Teaching Fellow at IDEAS Summer School Camp is offered to post-secondary or university students with skills and interests teaching both English and other branches of the humanities. Teaching Fellows are creative individuals who are 19 or older, passionate about a career in teaching, and eager for a cross-cultural, résumé-building experience at an innovative new boarding program in China. Transportation, meals, accommodations, and cost of visa will be provided, along with a modest stipend.

IDEAS Summer School Camps are in residence for two weeks at three different school campuses: United World College (UWC) in Changzhou, and Harrow International School in Hong Kong, and an international school in Beijing. Student-campers come from all over China to participate in an English immersion program that combines exciting courses in science and humanities with physical education, studio art, and traditional summer camp games. Faculty are fluent English speakers from the United States and the United Kingdom who share a commitment to positive youth development in an entertaining and supportive environment that opens young minds to the joys of discovery, friendship, and global awareness. For more than a decade, IDEAS has been a world leader in blending the best Western youth development programs with the best Chinese staff and facilities.

Within the guidelines of an interdisciplinary course description provided by IDEAS, Teaching Fellows will design the specifics of interactive, two-week English and humanities courses for Chinese 8-12-year-olds with emerging English skills. All teaching will be conducted in English and each Teaching Fellow will enjoy the in-room support of one English-speaking Teaching Fellow and/or one bilingual Chinese-speaking Camp Counselor. Morning classes will have 12-14 student-campers; afternoon classes will have 25 student-campers. In the late afternoon and evening, during which student-campers enjoy physical education, art, and games, Teaching Fellows will have time to relax and prepare for the following day’s classes.

Competitive hiring begins on February 1 and will be completed no later than May 1st, after which IDEAS will pay for and provide assistance procuring the appropriate Chinese visa. Also in May, IDEAS will provide Teaching Fellows with: detailed course descriptions and learning objectives; engaging online orientation and training; and detailed travel itineraries. Teaching Fellows will be asked to draft and submit their day-by-day course syllabi and materials lists by June 1st, allowing the rest of the teaching team to provide support and suggestions on a final draft, due on June 15th.

In late June, Teaching Fellows will travel to Shanghai and gather in Changshu (just northwest of Shanghai) with Master Teachers (English-speaking science faculty) and IDEAS support staff for a 7-day orientation and training. Meals and accommodations will be provided. Between each of the three 13-day sessions, Teaching Fellows will enjoy paid transportation to the next school campus, a guided tour in or near the host city, and fellowship with their new colleagues. A special week of rest, fellowship, and tourism is scheduled for the week between Session 1 and Session 2. Room and board will be provided at each campus and Teaching Fellows will have time in the day and evening to prepare for the following day’s classes.

Important Dates (to consider before applying)

  • June 20 or 21: Depart for Shanghai (one-way from your city to Shanghai)
  • June 23—29: Orientation and training at United World College in Changzhou, near Shanghai
  • June 30—July 12: Summer Camp School Session 1 (Changshu)
  • July 13—July 20: Week of rest, reflection, fellowship, and sightseeing in Changshu, Suzhou, and Hong Kong
  • July 21—August 2: Summer Camp School Session 2 (Hong Kong)
  • August 4—August 16: Summer Camp School Session 3 (Beijing)
  • August 17 or 18: Return flight home from Beijing (one-way from Beijing to your city)

Preparatory Responsibilities (after hire)

  • By May 10th: Complete the necessary paperwork—with the assistance of IDEAS staff—for a Chinese visa.
  • Three times in May: Participate in live online training with IDEAS’ Director of Studies.
  • By June 1st: Draft and submit a detailed course syllabus, including a materials list for the course and the student-campers’ final project.
  • By June 23: Arrive on-site in Shanghai at IDEAS headquarters for a 5-day group orientation and training. (Note: IDEAS will pay $1500 toward each Teaching Fellow’s travel expenses.)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • July and early August: Travel with the other faculty and staff to each of the three IDEAS Summer School Camp locations.
  • Teach morning and afternoon classes in English and Humanities, with the support of Camp Counselors, for an initial five days, followed by a day off, then a final five days, for each of the three two-week sessions.
  • Work with your student-campers to design and construct a final project that showcases some of what they have learned, to be presented to parents during a closing ceremony on the final morning of the session.
  • Write brief comment slips (in lieu of grades) for each of the student-campers, summarizing their strengths, weakness, and your recommendations for further intellectual growth.


In order to be eligible for Teaching Fellow status, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Current good standing as a university student, recent graduate, or graduate student
  • No criminal record; no pending lawsuits
  • Proof of current personal health insurance
  • Signed primary care (MD, PA, or ARNP) letter attesting to the candidate’s excellent health and suitability for international work and travel
  • Some prior experience and interest working with youth ages 8-12
  • Valid passport, not due to expire before March, 2020
  • Full availability from Sunday, June 23 through Sunday, August 16, 2019, plus participation in three, one-hour, online orientation and training sessions in May
  • Three glowing references, including one from a current or very recent teacher

The strongest Teaching Fellow candidates exhibit the following traits:

  • Superlative academic pedigree, skills and interests in English and other branches of the humanities, and a commitment to professional development
  • A diploma from an accredited secondary school, plus one or more years of post-secondary-school experience (i.e., completed a gap year or first year at university)
  • Youthful exuberance, tempered by consummate professionalism, an expressed commitment to teaching Chinese youth, ages 8-12, and the utmost respect for teacher-student boundaries
  • Strong organization and planning skills, perseverance, flexibility, a love of working collaboratively, and an openness to giving and receiving feedback
  • Evidence of openness to cross-cultural experiences, principles of inclusion and equity, enthusiasm for travel, and the creativity to design and implement age-appropriate, experiential coursework based on an existing interdisciplinary curriculum (Note: Detailed course descriptions and learning objectives will be provided.)
  • Energy to effectively motivate students, engage participation, and create a warm, professional, and welcoming classroom atmosphere
  • Ability to notice and support the resolution of students’ academic challenges


  • 1000* USD stipend for nine weeks**
  • IDEAS willsubsidize a one-way flight from your city to Shanghai, as well as a one-way flight from Beijing to your city.***
  • Fully paid and fully arranged domestic transportation to all three campuses
  • Three meals during the orientation and training week in Changzhou in late June.
  • Meals and accommodations on the host school’s campus during each of the three 2-week sessions of IDEAS Summer School Camp
  • Meals and accommodations on one of the host school’s campuses during the week of rest and sightseeing between Session 1 and Session 2.
  • Group tours in or near each of the three cities where IDEAS Summer School Camp will be in residence, including during the week of rest and sightseeing between Session 1 and Session 2.

*Individual Chinese Income Tax will be deducted

**No partial contracts are permitted. In the unlikely event of injury or illness that prevents the Teaching Fellow from completing the required nine-week commitment, IDEAS will compensate Teaching Fellows for the number of days worked.

***Summertime, one-way, economy-class fares from the US and UK average $750.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

IDEAS believes in the importance of being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization that enables our young participants and adult employees to thrive under the guidance of sterling role models. We are committed to building an exceptionally talented team that reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our young participants. At the same time, we work to ensure an inclusive community through creating a space for important dialogue about issues of culture and identity. As an equal opportunity employer, IDEAS hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $400.00 to $500.00 /month


  • university: 1 year (Required)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • English (Required)