General Maintenance Mechanic

UG2 - Boston, MA (30+ days ago)

POSITION: General Maintenance Technician

*PLEASE NOTE: WORK SCHEDULE IS TUESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, Approximate working hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily**

Basic Function: Perform a variety of general maintenance functions, including installation of office partitions, patching and painting walls, equipment and plumbing repairs, and carpentry repairs.


  • Install office partitions and furniture
  • Install a variety of flooring materials
  • Repair furniture
  • Patch and paint walls
  • Install and maintain door closers, locksets and passage sets
  • Perform minor plumbing repairs
  • Perform preventive maintenance on facility equipment
  • Install bulletin boards and writing boards
  • Perform other related duties as assigned, such as snow removal, assisting other tradesmen and emergency repairs

Emergency Generator Inspection and Test

  • Perform weekly test and inspection of all emergency generators
  • Maintain and update emergency generator log book
  • Support the work of the emergency generator repair contractor

Air Compressor Inspection and Test

  • Perform weekly test and inspection of all air compressors
  • Maintain and update air compressor log book
  • Support the work of the air compressor repair contractor

Sprinkler Piping Systems Inspection and Test

  • Perform weekly inspection of the sprinkler riser rooms to ensure proper water pressure is being maintained
  • Perform semi-annual sprinkler flow test with Prime’s insurance carrier
  • Perform semi-annual test and inspection of sprinkler flow switches and tamper switches
  • Perform annual fire hydrant flow test with Prime’s insurance carrier
  • Perform monthly test and inspection of all fire pumps

Snow Removal

  • Support the efforts of the snow removal contractor during the clearing of parking lots and driveways
  • Remove snow from steps, walkways, exits, and fire hydrants
  • Apply ice melt to walkways and steps when necessary

Roof Inspections

  • Perform weekly usual inspection of the facility roofs to clear debris and to make note of any deterioration or damage to the roof
  • On a monthly basis, clean out all roof drains to ensure proper drainage of water from the roof
  • Support the work of outside roofing contractors during repair or replacement projects

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

  • Repair flushometers, faucets, and valves
  • Inspect and clean out all cafeteria grease traps on a weekly basis
  • Provide labor and equipment necessary to attempt to unclog sewage and drain lines

General Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

  • Repair or replace damaged passage sets
  • Repair or replace inoperable interior door closers
  • Repair, replace, or adjust interior doors
  • Replace damaged, stains, or missing ceiling tiles
  • Replace damaged VCT floor tile
  • Hang bulletin boards, writing boards, and pictures
  • Patch and paint interior walls and surfaces
  • Minor rug repair.


  • Three to five years experience as a general maintenance mechanic in a commercial/industrial facility
  • Ability to perform a variety of carpentry related tasks
  • Capable of performing plumbing repairs and maintaining facility equipment
  • Familiar with surface preparation and painting drywall, wood, and metal surfaces
  • Ability to effectively communicate and respond to customer needs

Job Type: Full-time

*Compensation has been budgeted at $25-$27.50 hourly depending on experience level

Job Type: Full-time


  • Mechanic: 1 year (Required)