Assistant Animal Care Manager

PAWS Chicago - Chicago, IL4.2

Full-timeEstimated: $45,000 - $57,000 a year
Job Summary

The Assistant Animal Care Manager serves as the Animal Care Manager on Duty, organizing and prioritizing daily operational needs across all locations. Overseeing the overall health and welfare of all the animals at the Medical Center and the Lincoln Park Adoption Center. The Assistant Animal Care Managers manage daily population inventory, ensuring the successful transport of animals from the Medical Center to Adoption Centers to maximize capacity and intake as well as population diversity.

The Assistant Animal Care Managers own several core responsibilities including file completion, daily animal inventory, disease management, behavior management, staff management as well as ensuring efficient communication and direction of volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Team Leadership/Volunteer Management

  • Direct and motivate the Animal Care team/volunteers and ensure the Animal Caregivers are following all required protocols/processes, working efficiently & safely, taking required breaks, and working within the budgeted/scheduled hours.
  • Ensure staff and volunteer morale remains high through a positive and inspirational work environment, keeping the staff and volunteers focused on the life-saving goals of PAWS Chicago.
  • Identify holes in the operating system and leverage volunteers to maximize efficiency while prioritizing the highest standard of care.
  • Act as a resource for Lead Animal Caregivers to ensure that they can perform their responsibilities at the highest level in the absence of an AACM.
Animal Care, Cleaning Protocols & Safety

  • Ensure the health and welfare of all animals to ensure they are getting proper care as needed (food, water, shelter, meds, enrichment, etc.) and communicate animal needs to the appropriate team.
  • Learn all cleaning/disinfecting protocols and ensure they are followed consistently.
  • Coordinate transport of animals to the Adoption Center based on capacity and expected adoptions flow, and manage the housing of animals from the Adoption Center of animals back to the Medical Center should the medical or behavior team request it.
  • Drive a “no bite” and safe environment, reducing safety risks in any ways possible
  • Serve as “back-up” Animal Caregiver, should there be a gap/no show in the Caregiver schedule.
  • Ensure proper waking cards are up and that all door signage is correct for all Internal Animals.
  • Monitor Animal Care areas for any needed repairs and report needs to coordinate quick resolution.
Animal Inventory & Behavior

  • Work with Animal Care Manager and Lead Caregivers to determine best placement of all animals (includes pairing of animals), as well as extra signage/comments communicating limitations.
  • Ensure daily animal inventory, cleaning orders and other notes are distributed to key players involved in managing animal population.
  • Attend weekly behavior meetings to ensure consistency of handling and animal/staff safety.
  • Suggest and implement movements for a broad range of reasons, including medical and behavioral.
Shelter Medicine Component

  • Use Shelterluv and paper files as a resource to ensure that all diagnoses are up to date and are reflected in the cleaning orders.
  • Assimilate information from Intake, Medical and Animal Caregivers to ensure that cleaning orders are updated in real time.
  • Ensure medical protocols are followed consistently.
  • Ensure all animals are closely observed and monitored to assess/report any signs of sickness or abnormalities in behavior. Ensure any concerns are communicated to all the required teams of people, e.g. Management, CVT, DVM, observation sheets.
  • Coordinate and record weekly weights of all animals as well as review animal files for any needed vaccine or preventative updates. Administer those updates according to PAWS medical procedures.
  • Update medical records and prescriptions in paper files as well as using PAWS’ assigned database.
  • Have a solid working knowledge of common shelter diseases and alerting the medical team of any concerns.
  • In depth knowledge and proficient use of personal protective equipment to ensure animal health and safety.
Animal Files/Administration

  • Help ensure all animals sent to the Adoption Center have complete files including all medical paperwork, working with the Shelter Medicine team to resolve any gaps discovered.
  • Help ensure all animals returned from the Adoption Center have files sent back with them on transport. If there are missing files or medical/behavior information in the file you will work with the Adoption Center team to ensure the files and information are sent to the Rescue and Recovery Center in a timely manner.
  • Abide by the PAWS Chicago stray policy. Ensuring that diagnostics are complete to the best of your ability, paperwork is complete and distributed to the correct mailing list.
  • Ensure that medications follow the animals that they’re prescribed to across locations.
  • Ensure that all animal returns have an up to date animal file, are medically cleared and appropriately housed.
  • Be a resource for animal caregivers when it comes to handling stressed or challenging animals.
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of all manager/lead only animals so that they may be competently shown to adopters at the request of the adoption team.
Supply Inventory

  • Ensure all critical supplies are in stock at all times – never let critical items run out
  • Manage ongoing system for ordering all food needed for animals, ensuring budgets and vendor partnerships (e.g. Science Diet) are fully leveraged
  • Manage ongoing system for ordering all cleaning supplies needed to clean animal suites and common animal areas, ensuring budgets and vendor partnerships (e.g. Earth Friendly donated supplies) leveraged
  • Manage ongoing system for ordering all other Animal Care supplies (e.g. leashes/collars, scrubs, etc.)
  • Ensure a clean, sanitized and organized Animal Care area is always maintained (desks, medical, laundry, housekeeping closets, hallways, playroom, suites) leveraging space effectively.
  • Maintain an accurate and timely supplies inventory. Notify appropriate individuals when an item is running low.
  • Distribute behavior and medical concerns as needed, in a timely manner.
  • Work with Manager on Duty and Training/Behavior Staff to convey any troubling or unusual behaviors that may present a barrier in adoption.
  • Act as a leader during transport loading/off-loading as dictated by the Manager on Duty.
  • Responsible for the training and supervision of newly hired animal care staff, including, but not limited to, performing interviews and job shadows. As well as providing constructive feedback to the employee as well as management.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of cleaning, feeding and watering protocols to maintain the health of the animals. Set the standard of care for the Animal Caregivers.
  • Act as the animal care authority when manager isn’t present, most notably during closing hours.
  • When necessary, prepare or complete closing notes to ensure open and efficient communication during shift changes.
  • In partnership with the behavior team as well as the Animal Care Manager on duty, identify possible good suite mate matches, implement pairings with volunteers (when available) and continue to monitor new pairings.

  • Passion for animals and animal welfare
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Associates Degree
  • At least 5 years’ experience in animal care, ideally in a shelter setting
  • At least 5 years’ experience managing people
  • Strong knowledge and experience with dog behavior
  • Passion for animals and animal welfare
  • Comfort and confidence observing, detecting, communicating medical concerns
  • Flexibility and ability to multi-task and work well under pressure in a dynamic, team environment
  • Proven, strong team leadership skills
  • Proven organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Initiative for continual process improvement and proactive problem-solving skill
  • Positive attitude and desire to instill same in others
  • Vet Tech/Assistant experience, a big plus
  • Past experience managing volunteers, a big plus
PAWS Chicago Values-in-Action

  • Respect: for each and every life.
  • Community: of people and organizations committed to helping homeless pets.
  • Innovation: to constantly improve best practices and seek out new ideas and strategies to save more lives. To be a Learning Center that evolves and grows.
  • Pro-activity: to solve difficult problems and to be prepared to offer emergency and crisis support.
  • Transparency: that informs the public about the fate of homeless animals.
  • Education: that raises awareness about the realities that homeless animals face in the community and across the nations, providing a forum for people to get involved in effecting change. Promotes and support reasonable pet ownership.
  • Sustainability: through financial management practices that maximize the impact and reach of our resources and endure that PAWS Chicago will always be a resource for homeless animals.
  • Compassion: towards all people and animals.