New Home Sales Assistant

Goodall Homes - Berry Hill, TN3.8


NHA’s are employees hired to assist the New Home Consultant (NHC) in a variety of functions that will help to increase sales.

Job Description- The principal functions of the NHA’s are to:
Greet visitors and assist them by: Demonstrating model homes, familiarizing them with the floor plans available, included and optional features, availability of homes, prices, terms, and procedures of purchase. The NHA must greet all customers. He/she must be current on prices, available market homes (including options), delivery time frames, and available finance programs.

Provide appropriate neighborhood and community information including, but not limited to: schools, shopping, transportation, medical facilities, recreational facilities, etc., to model home visitors.

Obtain and record prospect information, including: name, address, phone number, email address and important housing needs. Use Customer Guest Card to obtain this info, and make any necessary notes on the back side of the card. All of this information should be given to the NHC within 24 hours. This information should be obtained from all visitors, and can be gathered by asking the following necessary questions:

Is this your first visit to Goodall Homes?

What prompted you to visit (community) today?

Where else have you been looking?

What are you looking for that you have not found at these places?

Are you currently renting?

Where do you live/work now?

Are you just beginning to look, or have you been looking for a while?

Are you looking for yourself?

Are you also considering used homes, or have you decided to stick with new homes?

What type of home are you looking for (one level, two level, large, small, number of bedrooms, etc.?)?

Is this the price range you were thinking of?

Set appointments when the NHA is face-to-face with a prospect, and the NHC is not available. The NHA should offer a choice specific days and times to meet both the NHC’s and prospect’s schedules. The appointments should be represented as an information gathering session where the NHC will provide valuable information that the customer needs in order to make a smart home-buying decision. Goodall’s standard is to obtain three appointments for every ten prospects. NHA’s can set appointments for the customer to meet with the NHC to:
Build their home on paper.

Visit the Design Center.

Select a home site.

Look at a home under construction.

Receive a detailed demonstration of the homes and community.

Financing—get an idea of monthly investment.

Write a purchase agreement.

Set the expectation that the NHC will return on (day), and that they can expect a phone call from the agent to follow-up, answer questions, etc.

A Typical Day for a NHA

At the beginning of the day:
Turn off alarm (You should already have alarm code and code for alarm company.

Put out “Open” sign.

Turn on all inside lights and turn off all outside lights. Make sure all lights are in working order. Change bulbs that don’t work. If you cannot reach light (recessed light, etc.) call the Project Manager or Assistant Project Manager to replace for you.

Check phone for voice messages—do follow-ups, return calls, per NHC instructions.

Answering Phones: “Thank you for calling (your neighborhood), this is (your name). How can I help you?” Always identify yourself along with either the community or Goodall Homes. The NHC will instruct you on the preference.

Make coffee and put out cookies and water, if available. Check sinks to be sure they are clean and free of debris. Also flush toilets and make sure the seats are all down.

Are garbage cans full and overflowing? If so, change the bag.

Check stock of water and/or other drinks in fridge, cookies, etc. Let sales agent know if you are running low.

Make sure music is set on easy listening and that it is not playing too loudly.

Check to see if front porches are clean. If not, sweep them.

Turn on computer so that it is ready for the day.

Check to make sure you have enough registration cards and pens out for customers.

Packets need to be out and ready, along with inventory/ spec sheets. Make sure NHC’s business cards are out and in easy reach for customers.

Lock all doors and go to market homes. While there, turn on all lights, flush toilets, and make sure sinks are clean. If trades have been in and made a mess, notify the project manager so that he is aware of the problem. Make sure all information boxes are full. Re-lock the homes, making sure that there is a sign on each door that instructs potential buyers to call you at model or stop by for information.

If a prospect calls or comes by to see market home(s), lock up model and put sign on the door that says you are in the community.

During the Day:
Help customers as they visit the community.

Inform customers of special events.

Assure that models and information centers are clean at all times and that all furnishings, accessories, and equipment are in first-class condition. This includes, but is not limited to:




Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Drapes and Furnishings

Ensure that a complete and adequate supply of point-of-sale material is available, including brochures, price lists, pamphlets, and Roadmap Notebooks. Provide the NHC with a list of needed supplies prior to sales meeting day. When requested, NHA’s are to assist in copying and picking up sales materials.

Report guests visits and other sales activity information weekly as required. Prospects are to be entered into Lasso daily.

The NHA is to obtain the same information from a phone-in customer that they would obtain from a walk-in prospect (i.e., name, address, phone number, email address… important housing needs). They should also attempt to schedule an appointment. NHA’s must use good phone etiquette.

Assist NHC with special mailouts.

New Home Assistants are not permitted to:
Sign any agreements including, but not limited to, purchase agreements, selection sheets, and addenda.

Qualify customers or quote monthly payments.

Engage in activities in violation of federal, state, or local laws.

At the End of the Day:
Post a sign stating that you are out in the community and go to Inventory/Market Homes to shut off lights and lock up (about 30-40 minutes before the end of the day, depending on how many homes and how far away from the model they are located).

Begin nightly shut-down of model 5-7 minutes before closing.

Empty and clean out coffee pot and make sure sink is clean.

Straighten up office.

Turn off computer.

Turn off all lights, with exception to exterior lights and one interior light on each level of the home. Most of the time just flip the main switch at the front door and all programmed lighting will turn off.

Put out closed sign.

Lock all doors and set alarm.

Go home and enjoy your evening!