Performance Improvement Specialist - Analyst IV

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Department Information

Only open to current Colorado Residents

If your goal is to build a career that makes a difference, consider joining the dedicated people of the State of Colorado. Our professionals strive to support state government and the citizens of Colorado. In addition to a great location and rewarding and meaningful work, we offer:

Strong, secure, yet flexible retirement benefits including PERA Defined Benefit Plan or PERA Defined Contribution Plan, plus 401K and 457 plans
Medical and dental health plans
Paid life insurance
Short and long-term disability coverage
10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave
Excellent work-life programs, training opportunities, and more.

Information About The Department

The Colorado Department of Human Services serves Colorado's most vulnerable populations. CDHS assists struggling Colorado families who need food, cash, and energy assistance to provide for their families; families in need of safe and affordable child care; children at risk of abuse or neglect; families who struggle to provide care for their adult children with developmental disabilities; youth who have violated the law and need structure and guidance to grow into responsible and compassionate adults; Coloradans who need effective treatment for mental illness or substance abuse issues; and families who need resources to care for their elderly parents or nursing home care for their veteran parents.

Who We Are
The Performance Management Division staffs and manages the department-wide Stat Program. A Stat Program is a performance management approach that discusses data-driven reports and information in meetings where Department leadership and program staff hold each other accountable by following up until problems are resolved and results are improved. The Stat strategy is not simply another layer of reporting but it is the way CDHS manages its work to achieve results. The Stat strategy encompasses programs crossing each service delivery office in the Department: Economic Security; Children, Youth, and Families; Behavioral Health; Early Childhood; and Community Access and Independence. Through the Unit's efforts, the Department's Division and Office management are provided regularly refreshed data, comparing and analyzing actual outcomes to desired outcomes, and assistance in the development of alternative strategies for results, all with the intent of supporting a continuous quality improvement environment.

Colorado has a local control model for implementation of several programs across the Department; these are programs that are administered at the county level, with the state conducting supervisory oversight. The capacity to support performance improvement at the county level is a strategic objective of the Performance Management Unit, and is integral to the county-state partnership model. PMD works in collaboration with CDHS program and County Liaison staff to support performance improvement in key measures at the county level.
Description of Job
This position is the staff authority in the Performance Management Division which advises and assists agency leaders in support of the Department's performance improvement efforts, particularly those at the county level. The position uses advanced data and statistical modeling techniques (such as latent growth curve modeling, predictive analytics, and multilevel analysis) to assess county performance. Multiple programs within the Department are administered at the county level, and strong county partnerships are a strategic priority. Because of the distribution of the state's population, small- and medium-sized counties are often unable to benefit from the attention and resources the State must direct at large counties in order to achieve overall state performance goals. This position is specifically intended to advise and analyze in the area of performance improvement to all counties, with a particular emphasis on small- and medium-sized counties. Agency management routinely relies on the essential consultation of this position before deciding broad, critical program and policy direction related to county performance improvement. This position is authorized to take action and issue expert opinions on the Department's performance improvement efforts directed at the counties, through regular interactions with county leadership and the Performance and Partnership Exchange. This position also engages counties through data sharing, new director trainings, connection to appropriate program staff, facilitating communication, building partnerships. Within the Department, this position identifies areas that may benefit from targeted performance improvement, represents the Department at county and regional meetings, analyzes performance data for county partners, synthesizes successful practices for program and county use, and builds a peer-to-peer exchange among small-, medium-, and large-sized counties. This position has direct influence and impact on those both inside (through county-facing staff workshops, cross-program meetings, and Performance and Partnership Exchange efforts) and outside the agency, including county human service directors, county staff, and commissioners. Guidelines do not exist for most situations; this position will need to use strategic analysis and judgment in order to proceed.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights
The Colorado Constitution, Article XII, Section 13 requires that applicants for state classified government jobs be residents of Colorado.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Communication, Business or Public Administration, or a closely related field.


Experience: Three (3) years professional experience in the following areas:

Identifying areas of need and developing performance improvement strategies and methodologies within a defined programmatic structure;
Working in large/diverse/multifaceted organizations, interfacing with different levels of staff (e.g., County Director, Program Administrator, Supervisors, and Line staff); and
Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, specifically Power Point and Excel.
Definition of Professional Experience: Work that involves exercising discretion, analytical skill, judgment, and personal accountability, and responsibility for creating, developing, integrating, applying, and sharing an organized body of knowledge that characteristically is uniquely acquired through an intense education or training regimen at a recognized college or university; equivalent to the curriculum requirements for a bachelor's or higher degree with major study in or pertinent to the specialized field; and continuously studied to explore, extend, and use additional discoveries, interpretations, and application and to improve data, materials, equipment, applications and methods.

Substitution: A combination of work experience in the occupational field or specialized subject area of the work assigned to the job, which provided the same kind, amount, and level of knowledge acquired in the required education, may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the Bachelor's degree.

A graduate level degree from an accredited college or university in Public Administration, Business Administration, Social Sciences (e.g. Social Work, Sociology), Criminal Justice, or a closely related field may be substituted for the Bachelor's degree and, at the agency's discretion, one (1) year of professional experience (for a Master's Degree) or two (2) years of professional experience (for a Doctorate degree).

Conditions of Employment

Candidates must possess a valid Colorado Driver's License upon date of hire and maintain throughout employment in this position.
Candidate must be willing and able to travel occasionally throughout the State in a State vehicle or their own person vehicle
Candidates must pass a Colorado Background Investigation check prior to start date with the Department.

Preferred Qualifications

Statistical data analysis of complex human services programs, including one (1) year using a statistical software package to conduct analysis related to human service programs.

Experience synthesizing and delivering complex information for use at the executive and senior management level.

Familiarity with performance improvement strategies and outcome-based program management, including a demonstrated capacity to identify themes and make connections across multiple programs and/or geographic regions for targeted performance improvement.

Background in human services environment including, but not limited to, public assistance (TANF, Food Assistance, LEAP, Adult Financial or similar program) or child welfare service delivery.

Experience working in a state-supervised, county-administered program model.

Exceptional communication skills, including demonstrated success in developing and providing training, both in-person and web-based, utilizing adult learning theory.

Basic training in performance improvement strategies, specifically Lean or Six Sigma.

Highly Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Demonstrated working knowledge of performance improvement strategies and methodologies;
Demonstrated working knowledge of public assistance and/or child welfare programs;
Demonstrated working knowledge of adult learning theory;
Demonstrated working knowledge and experience using web-based tools to deliver training (e.g., learning management system)
Ability to derive logical conclusions from available information, utilizing a combination of judgment and formal guidance, in order to determine if departmental objectives have been met;
Ability to effectively communicate in both written and oral format;
Ability to work as a member of a team, including communicating with peers and other professionals to ensure timely completion of work projects;
Ability to identify the needs and expectations of business partners, and demonstrate commitment to effectively meet those needs and expectations;
Ability to help others learn through formal or informal methods, identify training needs, and develop training programs that meet the needs of business partners;
Ability to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintain them over time; and
Ability to locate and identify discrepancies utilizing spreadsheets and other written communications.
Supplemental Information
For Recruitment questions for this job announcement, please contact

Please note that ONLY your State of Colorado job application will be reviewed during the initial screening; your resume and cover letter will be reviewed in later stages of the selection process. Therefore, it is paramount that you clearly describe all of your relevant experience on the application itself. Applications left blank or marked "SEE RESUME" will not be considered.
Your application will be reviewed against the minimum qualifications for the position. If your application demonstrates that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be invited to the comparative analysis process, which is described below.

Note: Current and former employees (transfers, voluntary demotions and reinstatements) are required to apply and participate in the comparative analysis process. Former employees of the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) who were disciplinary terminated or resigned in lieu of termination must disclose the information on your application and may not be eligible for employment at CDHS.

Comparative Analysis Process:
Your application will be reviewed against the minimum qualifications for the position. If your application demonstrates that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be invited to the comparative analysis process. Applications will be reviewed in comparison to others in the applicant pool in order to identify a top group of up to 6 candidates who will be invited for a phone interview. Successful candidates identified will be invited to an in-person interview.

Any person with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may be provided a reasonable accommodation upon request to enable the person to complete an employment assessment. To receive the accommodation, the person making the request must present medical documentation that describes the impairment which justifies the accommodation. Because it requires several days for CDHS to evaluate the request and prepare for the accommodation, it is essential for the person who believes he/she may need an accommodation to locate or obtain the documentation that he/she intends to submit well in advance of the assessment date. Failure to provide the medical documentation three days in advance of a comparative analysis could make it impossible for CDHS to prepare for and provide the requested accommodation. To request a reasonable accommodation for this assessment, please contact Bridget Clawson Braaten at 303-866-4373 or or the contact listed on this announcement three days before the assessment date.