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Your US Army/Army Reserves offer guaranteed jobs in every contract! Every Soldier is an important member of the team that supports and defends our great country. Everyone that joins gets great pay and benefits with a full 4 year ride to college upon completion and free college while serving at any college you choose! Overnight career you can be proud of with a set path to retirement or just a temporary stop on your personal path towards your future. Take this opportunity to travel, meet people from all over and at the same time challenge yourself with the many exciting things you will do. There are many non combat jobs if that is your preference and we also have part time with the Army Reserves. The average Soldier earns $300,000 in monetary benefits for 1 term of service! Contact me by phone 509-200-8364 or email to setup a time to do an interview and we can discuss everything. I look forward to having you on the team! My office covers Pullman, Moscow, Lewiston, Clarkston and much of SE Washington and Northern Idaho.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Salary: $35,000.00 to $120,000.00 /year