Personal Assistant

American Hospitality Company - Morgantown, WV


Personal Assistant Job

Nightlife & Hospitality Company CEO

Looking for:

Extraordinarily intelligent, highly organized individual needed to plan and manage personal, and professional schedule for a busy entrepreneur and their family. This person will be a true right hand to the CEO liaising with all professional and personal contacts.

The right applicant will be meticulously and tirelessly detail-oriented, possess the ability to multitask and juggle multiple competing priorities as well as the ability to foresee potential problems and plan contingencies accordingly. Must be a resourceful, highly motivated, organized, self-starter with excellent communication skills (oral and written) Applicants must have a positive attitude, dedication, a successful track record of meeting deadlines, work well under pressure, interacting directly with clients, and handling confidential information.

NOTE: *There are very specific application instructions (questions to be answered thoroughly) at the end of this job description. Those who do not apply as requested will not be considered for this job.We offer a casual atmosphere in a beautiful space, working as part of an extraordinary group of gifted, interesting individuals.

For consideration, please send resume and cover letter.

Your future employer:

  • Is not seeking a 24/7 kind of person, but appreciates the mindset of someone who takes his/her work seriously, and is thorough
  • Might plan things on a whim, or with short notice. That shouldn't rattle you.
  • Thinks outside of the box, and needs to you both appreciate that, but help see through the possibilities, but get to concrete solutions

Responsibilities: Core functions (but you know the role will include more than these items):

  • Act as the CEO's right hand, anticipating needs for maximum efficiency and impact with all communications, tasks, meetings & projects.
  • Keep CEO organized with meeting materials and immediate priorities; this may include inbox -management.
  • Ensure excellent collaboration, communication and connectivity between the CEO's business ventures, H-team, Leadership teams, Business Management teams as well as any and all external stakeholders. Understand and manage nuances of relationships among all stakeholders, specifically in Home Office.
  • Travel arrangements: (commercial and private.) Booking, modifying, elaborate trip-planning, organizing itineraries, etc.
  • Performs administrative tasks for the office(s), including organizing, filing, ordering and maintaining office supplies, calendaring, expense reports, answering phones, and ad-hoc projects
  • Act as CEO's gatekeeper: Point-of-contact (almost everyone in your employer's world will get to know you and know that you truly represent your employer), and correspondent on behalf of your employer. prioritize various parties appropriately and schedule according to CEO's preferences and guidance
  • Coordinate, organize and assist in the planning and execution of various Board Meetings.
  • Handle confidential materials * Social media setup and postings on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook
  • Facilitate the CEO and leadership team's presence and involvement in key culture initiatives and events. * Analyze, recommend, and execute CEO external speaking engagements and event appearances, including investor conferences.
  • Support Strategic Planning, Goal Setting & Performance Review Processes
  • Research! (everything from things that need to be purchased for the home and restaurants in certain neighborhoods, to "best practices for (?)," or maybe even the social causes a new business associate cares about). If you don't truly enjoy research, this job is not for you.
  • Project management. This means you are actually taking the lead on projects, managing them, and seeing them through completion. This means ownership and responsibility. Projects could be related to home improvements, tracking business/philanthropy matters, overseeing every aspect of an event, and knowing where everything stands at all times. You stay on top of things!
  • Errands (lots of them) * Correspondence * Booking and meeting with vendors for the home
  • Pay/process bills and sorting of mail * Organize dinner parties and assist with charitable events
  • Occasional childcare duties as needed
  • Draft and service pitch letters, press releases, biographies and media alerts * Compiling press placements into digital and physical press books
  • Must have excellent phone and email etiquette * Must be tech savvy and extremely organized * Must have availability on weekends for home organization projects and other errands as needed
  • Experience in Quickbooks a plus * Affection for old media and the music industry a huge plus
  • Hourly pay negotiable. Please submit cover letter, resume, and any relevant documentsMinimum 20hrs per week up to 60hrs per week.Skills & Knowledge: Minimum Sophomore in College Proficient in Microsoft Office Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) Outstanding social skills, warm and open High emotional intelligence High integrity and judgement Ability to multi-task and prioritize Creative problem-solving skills Initiative and follow through Sense of humor Project management

You Must Be: You are:

  • Patient
  • But get things done quickly, and naturally operate with a sense of urgency
  • Likeable and almost everyone considers you easy-to-get-along-with * Respected and respectful of others. You know how to get things done without being a bully or aggressive.
  • Polished and professional communicator * You love researching all sorts of things and are thorough and accurate in it
  • Flexible mindset when it comes to your role, not bound by a specific list of duties presented on Day 1. This is a true 'right-hand' kind of position, which means you'll help with everything from grocery shopping and dry cleaning runs, to communication with her associates, and dealing with vendors who need to come into the home. And you might plan a whole trip that gets scrapped at the last-minute, but you're okay with that and just roll with it.
  • (This is less about your files looking pretty, and more about keeping track of details and knowing the who/what/where/when at all times)
  • Not a clock-watcher. This position is suited for someone who bends with the needs of the day and can adjust your schedule as needed. (Noted, we do not expect the workweek to exceed 25 hours, but know this isn't always strict 8am-5pm hours)

Secondary Note: * This Job may require you to work nights at times, Go with CEO to various nightlife related events, and meet with clients at venues. Job may involve travel to Washington DC at times.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship

Salary: $0.00 to $35,000.00 /year